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Author’s Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia Canlas the co-founder of Meowbox at Barkworld and as part of my follow up I did a email interview with her.


How did Meowbox get started?
When it was determined there there was an opportunity for meowbox in the market, we got to work quickly to get things going. The first few things we did to get started was to secure our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Francois started building the website, I started contacting and sharing our idea with as many cat influencers and bloggers as I could find. We searched for interesting product and embarked on branding and packaging next. Our main goal was to move as quickly as possible!

How has the reception been so far?
Subscription boxes have been around for a few years but many people have not yet considered the concept for cat products. The reception has been wonderful because folks enjoy the idea of providing a fun experience for their kitty. One of the best things about meowbox is seeing your cat happy.

Do you have a survey or way for subscribers to comment on the items received?
We welcome feedback from our subscribers via social media, email (, or via our secure web form at
Will you be offering a year subscription anytime soon?
We have pondered the idea, so perhaps! We are always open to feedback and trying different things.


I was curious where the idea for Meowbox came from was it because your cats had gotten into trouble before or if you had visited pet retailers and noticed they don’t have a large selection of cat toys?
I knew a dog subscription box existed but discovered there was not one for cats! I had also been seeing a lot of options for dog toys and treats in stores and not much for kitties. meowbox solves the problem of the lack of selection for cats and the difficulty in searching for interesting items.

How do you pick toys that will be featured in Meowbox?
There are 2 big pet trade shows for businesses that happen in the US. One is called Superzoo and the other is called Global Pet Expo. These events showcase pet products from new and familiar companies. We also discover companies online through social media and researching the web. Companies also contact us to introduce us to their products. Whenever we are out and about, we keep our ears perked and eyes open for neat kitty items.

What was been the most popular toy so far for you cats and clients?
The most popular toy has been a handmade shrimp stuffed with potent catnip, supplied by “Crazy About Catnip” Easy seller,

Do your clients get to pick the toys for their cats or is it a surprise?
Every month we aim to surprise and delight our subscribers and their kitties. meowbox is not just a product, but an experience that is shared between the kitties and the humans, so the anticipation and excitement is all part of the fun.


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Has anyone tried out the meowbox for their cats? Comment below and let me know how it went!

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