Meet Jeremy “Catman” Grimm

   Author’s Note: This is a departure from the usual pet interviews as I wanted to interview a self proclaimed “cat man” Mr. Jeremy Grimm. Pictures used with permission. Many apologizes to him for not having this ready on time. 🙁 

How many cats do you have? What are their names?

I have three cats. Bonnie and Clyde who are twins and Asslina.

 How did they come to live with you?

I originally had zero cats. Then one day my wife wanted a dog. We ended up at the Humane Society to adopt the dog we picked out and my son’s noticed these two kittens going absolutely crazy behind the glass playing with them. Next thing you know I’m driving home with three animals. That was about 5 years ago now. For all of those 5 years those cats ignored me and in return I ignored them too. I didn’t want a cat as I work every day farming anyways. Then one day last October, I come home from work and there is this big gray cat sitting in my sunset chair. I live in the country and like to sit out in my garage and watch the sunset from time to time. I thought well okay he will be gone when I get done with my shower but never the less he persisted. Day after day this cat was in my chair. I’d shoo him away…the next day he’d come back. The thing is he had fleas really bad. So I had enough and packed him in my truck and took him to a buddies farm about ten miles away….said toodaloo and went on home. I enjoyed my chair for one more week and he was back.

He walked all the way back. So I thought if this asshole was this determined then I’m keeping him. I brought him in and gave him a flea bath and for three months I grew to LOVE that cat. When I wasn’t at work he’d never leave my side. Then one day after the New Year I found him under the table forever asleep. I took care of him before my kids woke up. Shortly after I got a call from a friend saying this elderly woman had passed and if I’d be interested in her cat. I said sure and renamed her Asslina.

Asslina immediately hid and that’s where ‘C’Mere and let me love you!’ comes from. I’d say it every day to coax her out of hiding. Now she never leaves my side.

 How did the pants end up on the fridge?

To this day the pants cat bed on the fridge remains a mystery. Nobody seems to know how they got there. So they remain.

Does “C’mere and let me love you” really work?

I’ve tried C’MERE AND LET ME LOVE YOU! on stray cats, a turkey, two deer, and countless pigs. I have some kinks to work out with it yet.
I feel like I’m now a cat gear model. I identify with it. All my cats LOVE me except the two. And the ones outside….but soon…oh yes…they will love me too!

Maybe you need to try catnip and tuna on the cats
I was able to get one using Temptations treats. Unfortunately they are also covered in fleas and they come and go. Farms have lots of mice and rodents to feast on.

I have to admit you made the romper look good. 

My wife loves the romper. She’s the one who made it.
 It’s people insecure with their own manhood that don’t like it.
I enjoy laughter. I don’t let negativity take away from anything I do. It’s fun for me too
Do you have any advice for people trying to get cats to love them?
You have to put a little gravel into your voice. You also have to be able to run fast. The cat can run but truthfully it just wants to be loved. Also they like it if you wear a romper…with cats on it.
what about cat socks?
Socks, masks, cat slippers, all work wonderfully
What about cat masks?
I feel the cat likes the mask. Of course they run but it’s just them playing. Like Pepe le Pew.
Cmere and let me love you!
That’s all they want!
Anything else you can think to add about yourself or you cats?
I feel like I’m now a cat gear model. I identify with it. All my cats LOVE me except the two. And the ones outside….but soon…oh yes…they will love me too!
(Jeremy with his newest addition Madam Hooch)
This interview is dedicated to the loving memory of Flintlock
Fly free sweetie, you will always be loved.

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