Meet E.B. a lil black house bunny

Author’s Note: yay! Another small pet interview 🙂  Many thanks to E.B. & her mom for letting me ask questions. Pictures were used with permission.  Please follow her adventures on her Facebook page –E.B. a little black house bunny


How old is e.b?

EB is about a year old.

Is she the only bunny  and where did the name come from?

She was an Easter gift last year. She’s the only bun, and her name is a variation of “ebony ” and “Easter bunny ” she is also my first bunny,


What does E.B. eat normally?

She loves crackers and bread for some reason! She also loves parsley. She won’t eat bananas but likes the peels. Her main diet is pellets.

What else can you tell me about her?


She a smart baby, she loves her head petted, but trying to pick her up will gain an enemy of her. She doesn’t forget when someone tries to pick her up, and will avoid them! She likes to hang out under my bed and she steals and collects things under there. She doesn’t bite


What advice do you have for first time bunny owners/parents?

My advice to new owners is to make a prepared, informed decision before getting a bunny, because they will bring you lots of love and joy but they need proper care,time, and attention!

Meow! Woof! Chirrp! Tell me what you think. =^..^=