Meet Cowboy

How old are you?
I’m approximately 12 years old.
Where did your name come from?
I was named after the ‘Cowboy Song’ from the band Thin Lizzy. 

How did your mom convince you to move into the house?
My Momma started feeding me multiple times a day on the front porch and she put a nice warm bed on the bench outside the front door, which I refused to use for the first few months. I finally did start to nap in the bed. One day my Momma was going to mow the front yard and she saw me sleeping on the bench and I didn’t wake up when she started the mower and she thought I was dead, she stopped mowing and ran over to me and as soon as she touched my head, I shot off the bench like a rocket and after that she noticed I didn’t couldn’t hear.

Do you venture outside still?
No never, much to my dismay but I do have a very large cattery / kennel that has grass, one tree, furniture, plants and half of it has a large awning and the other half is open to soak up sun. I call it Folsom. Folsom is attached to the back side of my home and there is a dog door fro me and my crew to go in and out. Folsom is completely encased and about 500 sq ft. My canine brother and sisters are allowed into the yard outside of the kennel but not the felines. 
How many fursiblings do you live with?
9+  I have a large family. I will start with my canine brothers / sisters. ( all fixed & chipped)
Madelynne & Trigger Neo Mastiffs.
Mr. Chan, Buddy & Captain Cutie Paws. Black Labrador, GSP, and Chihuahua.
Felines: Velvet, Simon, Opal and Cubby.
Did it take a while to adjust to having a fur family?
Yes, when my Momma captured me I was taken to the Vet right away and she was told not only was I deaf but I had little to no vision. My brothers and sisters are all really nice, it was me that was a concern. Momma thought I would kill one of them. The entire process took about 3 months, needless to say I spent a lot of time in the sewing room. 
Who is your favorite?
Sweet Buddy Boy and Cubby ‘the chubby chase’ is a close 2nd. 
You are quite the handsome mancat, is there anyone special in your life?
I’ve been seeing Gwyneth ( you know I’m the reason her and Chris broke up)
Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself?
I’m one super cool cat! I’m a very large feline, on deaths bed I weighed almost 12 pounds. I’m a Rock Star and I love to hang out with my buddies Mick, Jimmy and Tom and enjoy Niptinis.
Is there anything your mom would like to add about you?
Cowboy is an amazing cat and has regained most of his vision. The Vet told me Cowboy is a odd eyed white cat, which explains his lack of hearing. Cowboy also has a cowboy hat just like Brett Michaels, his girlfriends from Kitty Collage had it made special for him. Cowboy was also Mr. August 2014 in the Milo’s Sanctuary calendar out of Burbank California. I convinced Cowboy to come live with me and he was about 8 years old per the Vet and it truly is amazing he survived living out here with all the coyotes and being bright white and deaf. Cowboy is VERY handsome and has excellent demeanor, which is a great combo. Cowboy loves to be vacuumed and sometimes I will have to put him in another room so I can actually vacuum the floors, if he sees the sweeper, he will go lay by it in hopes I will turn it on and vacuum him, seriously loves the vacuum sweeper almost as much as Albacore tuna. Cowboy’s meow is very LOUD, I think thats due to he can’t hear. (Super loud) he’s chatty too, has a lush coat and a cute pink nose.
Cowboy had a sister named Spice Girl and I adopted her from Meow Rescue Out by where I live, you should go take a gander at her page. ( the rescue set it up) and nobody would adopt her, so Cowboy and I did. Spice finished her life with us, living happy and loved. 
I don’t sit around listening to Thin Lizzy : )  When I bought my home, it needed a ton work work in the yard to get a fence line up, so I would work every free minute I had to get the backyard ready, it was warm weather at at the end of my day I would relax and sip a cool one / listen to the radio on my back porch and each night Cowboy would come to eat and then he would head back to the wetland ( I had no idea at this time he was deaf) One evening that Cowboy song came on and Cowboy was headed back out to the wetland and that is how he got his name, I found the song fitting, soI started calling him Cowboy, you should Youtube the song and listen to the words!  Cowboy had walked so much out there, he had a path.
I’ve always been fond of the underdog. I love the biters, ones ridden with anxiety and yes the runners. 3 of my 5 canines were deemed concerns. My felines are all healthy and rescued. I moved into this county pad with 1 cat and 3 dogs. I’m now 5 and 10. I reside in a town where people just leave their animals on the wetland or before my fence line was up, I would come home and find dogs with notes attached tied to my kennel. Seriously. Neighbors who move without their pets etc. I’m a progressive woman in a super redneck town but the beauty has kept me here, I love that I’m 5 minutes away from some of the best NW hiking, river swimming.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Cowboy and his mom for letting me interview him. pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on his facebook page.
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