Meet Butterscotch

Author’s Note: I haven’t included any pocket pets in a while and wanted to share Miss Butterscotch with everyone. 🙂 Pictures were used with permission, many thanks to Miss Lyndsey Butterscotch’s mom for little me pester her with questions. You can visit follow the adventures of Butterscotch on her facebook page.



Where did her name come from?

 I think she got her name from her color


Is this your first guinea pig?

Yes this is my first ever guinea pig


what do you feed her?

Hay and some dry food called purine little wonders and leafy greens


what veggies & fruit do you feed her?

I feed her kale and romaine lettuce and some baby carrots and she hate absolutely HATES strawberries


how often do you bathe her?

About once a week


Does she have any toys or things she likes to do?

She loves to hide in my blankets and sweatshirt pockets and pillow cases And she loves to play with book covers


Do you have any advice for other guinea pig owners?

Yes I do don’t ever procrastinate to clean their cages that is one thing they are really picky about and always give them fresh washed veggies no moldy or old foods.


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