I know, I know.. another dog related post… I’m sorry to all my cat lovers and small pet friends…I had to cover this topic. It’s been an issue since I was little back when I was petrified of dogs and now that I understand them more it’s still an issue.


Why don’t people have their dogs on leashes?

Not only are there laws for this, but there are people who are petrified of dogs (I was on that list) dogs can get into deadly situations without being on a leash, but yet people still let their dogs out to run free or walk them without a leash.


My neighbor did this often when I first moved into my house about 4 years ago, I repeatedly called animal services about it because I had seen the dog nearly get hit twice and gobbled down the cat food I left out for the outdoor cats I feed.

They have come out numerous times to speak with her and she did walk the dog on a leash for a while, but unfortunately she is one of those pet owners who sees walking the dog as an inconvenience. Which is extremely unfortunate for the dog, who is a handsome white pit bull named Repo.

He deserves better than that, he deserves a human who will take him out on a leash all the time.

But animals don’t give up on their humans, so I hope his human will realize that the leash is for his safety.



More reasons to leash your dogs:


*It’s the law In many areas, dogs must be on a leash. Many of the reasons for this are found below. It can be very costly if your dog is seen by an officer or ranger or if your dog is involved in an incident while off leash.

*Aggressive dogs Just because your dog is friendly does not mean that the dog he’s meeting is nice. If the aggressive dog is on leash and bites your off-leash dog, you will not be able to collect any money for your dog’s vet bills and you will likely be fined for having your dog off leash, even if your dog does not survive the attack.

*Fearful people Many people of all ages are afraid of dogs. Not only is it rude to allow your dog to frighten people, it could cost you. If your dog causes a fearful person to get hurt in an attempt to get away from your dog, you could be held liable for the medical bills. People have a right to protect themselves from a perceived threat, so even if your dog is friendly, if they see it as aggressive they can hurt or kill your dog in self-defense and you have no legal recourse.

*Poison Your dog could get into something poisonous like antifreeze or into dangerous trash like cooked chicken bones before you can stop it. This can cause large vet bills or death of the dog.

*Chasing Your dog could chase wildlife into a street. If your loose dog causes an auto accident, you can be responsible for the car repairs and medical bills.


Taken from: http://www.parkrecord.com/ci_23141219/ten-reasons-keep-your-dog-leash



6 Great Reasons To Always Use A Dog Leash
Here are the top reasons we advocate that all owners use dog leashes and collars:
  • Leashes prevent your dog from chasing animals, people, or bikes.
  • Its courteous to your neighbors, especially if they do not know your dog’s level of obedience.
  • A single lost dog is one too many.
  • When used properly, most canines don’t mind dog leashes or collars, in fact most like them.
  • You can pull your dog back to protect them, should there be something dangerous in the environment.
  • A dog leash could save your dog’s life.

(Taken from : http://www.puplife.com/pages/dog-leash-safety-tips)



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  1. Such important information. I am ALWAYS on my leash outside. Once I was attacked by an unleashed dog and I had to get surgery. Mom and I HATE it when we see dogs running loose because of lazy or ignorant owners. Get a clue, people!! Ugh.

    Love and licks,

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