Happy Tails: Teagan & Willow

Teagan & Willow, are you both still up for adoption?
 Our foster family actually adopted us.  Our foster daddy fell in love and so now we’re staying but we have other foster siblings in our home that really need a forever home!
Willow says hi! Teagan is busy looking out the window
Are you actual littermates? 
Yes, we are!
Who is the oldest?
 Mommy doesn’t know which of us came first, but me, (Teagan was the smallest).  We were found in a neighbor’s yard.  He didn’t like us being there so he was going to call pest control.  Mommy was working on a project with Care Feline Rescue, Inc.  She was TNRing all the cats in the neighborhood so she scooped up me and Willow and three of our littermates and brought us inside.  Then she trapped our mom and got her fixed.  Our biological mom is feral.  She still lives outside our house but our human Mommy feeds her and looks out for her every day!
Where did your names come from? 
Willow here!  Well, we were found right before Halloween so Mommy thought it would be cute to pick out some names that sound mystical.  We picked out about 15 and then she had her facebook friends vote on them.  MOL!  Our littermates, that have since been adopted were Sabrina, Matilda and Crowley. 
Willow and Frankie
Who is the leader? 
Me (Teagan)!  I might be small but I’m in charge!  Willow just THINKS I’m in charge but when she gets on my nerves I shows her who the boss is.  MOL!!
Teagan light watching is my specialty
How many foster siblings do live you with right now? 
We have five other foster siblings!!  We would love for them to find homes.  🙂
What are your favorite things to do?
 Me (Teagan) loves to chase the laser and hang out on the enclosed patio, sunning on a chair.  Willow is too scared to go on the patio.  Her favorite thing is to steal hair scrunchies from her human sister and sit on mommy’s belly and stare deep into her eyes.
Willow purr snoozing
Are you friendly with strangers or take a little while to warm up? 
We are super friendly!  We love every body.  Some of our foster siblings need time to warm up but when they do.  OH BOY.  They are super lovable.
Do you like getting petted or prefer to play?
 We love both!
Is there anything else you two want to add?
 We are soo honored to have been asked to do this interview.  I would also like to thank Care Feline Rescue, Inc, http://carefelinetnr.org/ for offering free and low cost spay/neuter, as well as loaning of traps so ferals can be caught and safely taken to get fixed and vaccinated.  We would also like to thank Spay The Strays, Inc.  When Mommy found all of us and a bunch of other feral cats and kittens she didn’t know what to do!  There were so many but Anita and the wonderful volunteers at this no-kill organization helped Mommy.  They gave her tons of advice and she became a foster volunteer!  They always need fosters and of course, donations to keep their group going.  Without them, Mommy wouldn’t have been able to rescue save so many of the kittens that were in her neighborhood! You can also adopt cats from Spay The Strays, Inc at Petco in Kissimmee.  http://spaythestrays.rescuegroups.org/
Willow & Teagan

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Teagan & Willow and their mom for answering interview questions. It was a pleasure to interviewing you both. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit them on their Facebook page Tortishell Twin Powers Activate.

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