Happy Tails: Meet Winnie Snookes

Winnie Snookes

 How old are you?

I am 6 and 5 months I will be 7 on 1st August

Where did your  name come from?

My name Winnie comes from me meowing at mam-mam when I first came to my furever home so she called me Winne winge bag mol but snookes is just a fun name my mam-mam calls me from a song she heard once in a film.

How did you find your forever family?

I found my furever home one very cold winter I had been alone for so long I was very cold and had not ate in so long I was managing to get some little bits of food but I never enough.  I found a barn to hide out in but it was so cold, I had been like this for a while and I kept seeing people that lived in the house next to the barn.

I did go up to the window a few times to look in making sure no one saw me and as I looked in I could see this happy family warm and snug inside out of the cold I wanted it but did not think I would ever get it.

Then one day I fell into a hole and I had no way of getting out, I was there for a long time when I heard this noise.  It was the puppies  I thought to myself that this was how my short life would end but the puppies did not try to hurt be they were trying to save me.

One puppies was barking and one ran away and came back with a person, she told them to go and lifted me up she seen how thin and frightened I was. so she took me inside.  She got me warm and gave me lots to eat and just when I thought she was going to make me leave she said to me that this was my furever home now and I would never have to worry about being cold hungry and alone again and this is where I have been ever since.

 How did Supreme Commandor Thor help you to be brave?

Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost
Supreme Commandor Thor on his outpost

Supreme Commander Thor helped me to be brave by him not being afraid of the puppies. I only ever stayed in the bedroom until he came then I seen that he could go into any room he wanted to play or sleep and snuggle and the puppies didn’t  do a thing to him. so day day he talked me into  just coming down the hall and looking into the living room. so that’s what I did and he never left my side the whole time. 

I was so scared but after a few times doing it I seen the puppies did not even take any notice of me. Thor then brought me right into the room and  nothing happened from then on I would come in for a little while each day and now I am  in all the time but I would never have done it if Thor had not shown me it was safe.

Do you still play wild  wilder beasts in the house?

Yes, we still play wild wilder beasts it is our favourite game even more so now since Garfield and Leo came to live with us because now we have teams. 

 What would you like to say to other cats who are scared?

I would like to say to other kitties that are scared is believe in yourself you can do anything.  The outside world is a scary place but in our furever home you are safe and loved and for those waiting to get their furever home never give up it will happen one of these days.

 What do you really think about puppies now?

I love the puppies now they are still stupid but that’s one of the things I love most about them.  When I get up in the morning and after they have been out and got breakfast I go around each of them and give them a big rub all over I will even sit beside them.  I also have been very brave and lay sleeping beside  them.  I have also jumped on Patton a few times but I know they love me lots too.

Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans
Thor likes licking the empty puppy food cans

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?

would like to say a big thank mew to the puppies for finding me and getting mam-mam so she could save me. I would also like to say that I am so happy and thankful that mam-mam never gave up on me even at the start when I would run and hide from her or the time I knocked an oil burner off the window and it broke I got so scared  thinking she was going to hurt me so I ran into the corner to hide and when she came to get me I wet the floor but she didn’t do anything to hurt me all that she done was lift me up and give showed me love.  That is all I have ever known in my furever home and for this I am very thankful


Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Winnie and mam-mam for letting me ask so many questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit Winnie Snookes on facebook .

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