Happy Tails: Meet Venus De Meowlo


Mew? Is this thing on?
How old are you?
I was born on June 7, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
How did you end up at your forever home?
My kitty mommy was a stray girl who was lucky to be taken in by two nice ladies. They gave her a safe place to have all seven of her babies.
I have five brothers and one sister. The nice ladies put up a camera so they could watch us when they weren’t home and put it on Ustream. We became very popular on the interwebs! That’s where my mama saw me and fell in love with me πŸ™‚ The first human who said they wanted to adopt me decided they didn’t really want me so mama told the nice ladies that she wanted me! She flew all the way from Kentucky to get me and we rode in an airplane together. All seven of us got great furever homes because the nice ladies made sure we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives.
How did you get your name?
Venus was the name given to me by the people who watched me on Ustream. Mama added on de Meowlo because she thought I was beautiful!
Upside down doesn't work either.. hmmm
Do you live with any fursiblings?
I have a sister named Lizzie Boo. She is older, but we like to play and chase each other around the house. She is a gray and black tabby girl and very pretty. She was what mama calls a feral kitty because mama had to catch her in a trap to get her to come in the house. She isn’t wild anymore, though.
You are so very beautiful, would you mind sharing a beauty secret?
My best beauty secret is getting lots of brushings because I have so much fur! Mama helps with that and I love brush time with her. It makes me feel sooo fluffy!
Where is your favorite spot to lay?
My favorite spot to lay is in the living room on the back of the couch. That’s where I can see where Lizzie and mama go in the house.
Do you still lick your mom’s toes? May I ask why?
I do still lick mama’s toes when she lets me. It makes her laugh so that’s why I do it! I do lots of things to make her laugh.
Okay.. maybe I'm not good at the selfies..
What is your favorite thing to do?
My favorite thing to do is snuggle with mama. Hmm, but I do like to wrestle with Lizzie…and then there’s yummy foods…and watching birds…and playing with mousie…not sure what my favorite is πŸ™‚
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your family?
What I would like everyone to know is that lots of kitties need furever homes and lots of them would be perfect friends who would love them just like Lizzie and I love our mama. Please consider adopting a cat or if you can’t, help kitties by donating to locals shelters <3
There! Finally a good selfie

Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Miss Venus De Meowlo & her mama for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her on her Facebook page Venus de Meowlo

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