Happy Tails: Meet Twiggy & Onyx

Onyx & Twiggy in the snow
Onyx & Twiggy in the snow
Twiggy & Onyx, how old are you both?
I turned 6 on October 26th and Onyx will be 4 on July 15th.
How did you end up at your forever home?
I was 10 1/2 weeks old when we they brought me home. I was an accidental litter that they were trying to prevent from ending up at the track. Onyx was adopted from the Boulder Valley Humane Society at 10 weeks old. I visited him there before he came home. It smelled funny. He had parvo as a puppy and he was a black Pit Bull mix, so he actually sat at the shelter for 2 weeks before we knew we had to be his new family.
Onyx, can you explain what a groupie is?
I sure can! Twiggy is basically the boss. She’s much pickier than me, so I follow her lead. I’m her groupie. I still get my way sometimes though!
Twiggy, is it true greyhounds have a lot of energy?
Actually, I would say us greyhounds most like sleeping. We do have a burst or two of energy each day, but a good 10 minutes of zoomies around the back yard and we’re ready for a nap again. Us greyhounds are really just big couch potatoes!
All smiles
What are your favorite things to do?
Twiggy: “I like sleeping. Especially on the couch after I dig in it for a bit. The people don’t seem to like that much, but it’s important for my napping places to be comfortable. I also like to play chase. It’s my most favorite game. I’ll play inside or outside, and I always win.”
Onyx: “I like treats, and my duck. I like to eat and chase my duck. Carrots are one of my favorite treats. I don’t share my treats with my duck though. The treats are for me.”
Where do you two like to sleep?
Twiggy: “We sleep on the couch mostly. Mom likes to snuggle with us. Dad never used to, but recently we’ve been allowed up there a lot more and he even he seems to enjoy it.” Onyx: “I also like to sleep under the bed. I like to hide.”
Can you explain why you are against greyhound racing?
Twiggy: “Yes. Us greyhounds love to run and we love to chase, but when people have us just so they can make money, they are often not very nice to us. I’m sure there are some racing greyhounds who are treated real well, but there are so many that aren’t that we don’t think it should be allowed at all. There are thousands of racing greyhounds that compete each year, but only hundreds end up in adoption programs. Where do the rest go? No one likes to talk about that. And many that do end up in adoption programs have never really known love. They don’t get to hang out with their people and get loved every day like we do. I often hear people telling my Mom that I’m different for a greyhound, but I’m not. I’m how greyhounds would be if they all got the chance to be raised by loving families.”
Onyx: “What she said.”
Where can people go to raise awareness?
Twiggy: “There are many rescue groups. We support Colorado Greyhound Adoption. They bring in greyhounds on a big truck from out of state. CO does not allow racing anymore so they work with tracks in places like Iowa and Kansas. I’m always so happy when they bring new greyhounds to CO, but I also wonder where the rest of them went. We encourage everyone to find a local rescue and help support them. The rescues have to stay neutral about racing so that they can continue to rescue retired racers, but they can teach you what it’s like for the greyhounds. There is no better way to learn than to learn from those who are doing.”
Tug of war in the backyard
I see you are also anti-BSL, can you tell me why?
Onyx: “Oh, I got this one! BSL or Breed Specific Legislation is not an effective way to control aggressive dogs. I think there should be some rules about aggressive dogs. I’ve met a few and they really scared me, but Twiggy says I scare easily. Anyway, BSL prevents my family from living in certain places just because of who I am. But if you want to know the truth, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love everyone. Twiggy on the other hand, well she’s the picky one! BSL just keeps people believing that certain dogs are bad. We should be focusing our attention on educating pet owners to treat their dogs better, and how to train their dogs. We should be doing things that help all dogs and only punish those who do something to deserve a punishment.”
Is there anything else you would like to share?
Twiggy: “We also like to bring attention to black pets. Dogs and cats. They tend to get looked over at shelters. Black pets are just as loving as any other pet. Please give a black pet a chance.”

Author’s Note: Many thanks to their wonderful mom Miss Chloe for answering the questions. You can find them on Facebook under Greyhound Groupie, their blog Snotface & Twiggy  or on Twitter as Twiggy & Onyx

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