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Tink, what exactly is a Lynx Point Meezer?
A lynx point Meezer is a type of Siamese (the best type! *giggles*) that has a lot of tabby type markings. When I first came to live with my family no one realized I was a Meezer. Our friend Mr. Peabody’s mommy is the one that told us. None of us had ever heard of it!

Tink the Meezer

Tink the Meezer

How did you come to find your forever home?
I came to my forever home as a foster. A friend of my mommy’s posted on FB that they needed to find a new place for me ASAP. Mommy couldn’t bear the thought any of the options that were suggested so she called her friend and told him she was coming to get me that very night. Once my Boy and I met, well, it was love at first sight and there was never any mention about fostering again. You’ve heard of that saying about a boy and his dog? We are a Boy and his Meezer.

Onslow, where did your name come from?
Hi! My unique name actually comes from a TV show. Have mew ever heard of Keeping Up Appearances? It is a British show and so funny. The family loves it especially the Onslow character. Nip addict? Who, me? I don’t know where these rumors are coming from! I do however like a little here and there but I don’t think I need a nip program. Do you?

Onslow the handsome

Onslow the handsome

Is it true you are a nip addict?
Nip addict? Who, me? I don’t know where these rumors are coming from!
Will you have to go to nip anon this year?
I do however like a little here and there but I don’t think I need a nip program. Do you?

Sammy, do you think you have what it takes to be a Champion Lap Cat?
Oh yes, I think I do have what it takes to become a Champion Lap Cat!

Sammy is getting a breath check by Tink

Sammy is getting a breath check by Tink

What are you doing to train for this honor?
I work out daily. I particularly like to lap lounge when I know it is time for someone to go to work, school or out for whatever reason. Priorities, you know?

Mr. Sinatra, can you share your story with us?

Mr. Sinatra is very shy about his life before he was adopted

Mr. Sinatra is very shy about his life before he was adopted

I don’t really like to talk much about my life before now but a very kind lady rescued me. I had been abandoned to the world and out on my own for a long time. I was very cold, hungry and ready to just pack it all in. The kind lady tried to find out about me but no one ever came looking. The week before Turkey Day she asked my Mommy if she would keep me while they were away on vacation. I was still so painfully thin and scared and she didn’t want to leave me with just anyone. Well, the rest is as they say history! After a week together Mommy knew that she couldn’t part with me. She talked to the kind lady and she was thrilled with the idea. Now I am warm, happy and always have plenty to eat. I’m actually getting a little tubby in the tum! Ha-ha. Life is good!

Who did you make friends with first?

I made friends with Onslow first because he is such a mellow and easy going guy. We are all comfortable with one another now and that makes me happy. I really love being part of a family.

What would you or your mommy like to say about Angel Stewart?

Angel Stewart

Angel Stewart

Stewart was the best and sweetest companion to our Mommy and the best big brother, ever. When she found him under her car in a parking lot he was so tiny Mommy had to bottle feed him. They were together 16 years. He was a faithful friend and comfort during many hard times and a loving soul. He was also a good guardian to our Girl and loved her from the very moment she came home from the hospital. He was awarded his angel’s wings last July and left mighty big paw prints on our hearts. I miss him but our time together was full of love and fun and I’ll never forget him. Sometimes we see a bit of white fluff floating in the air and we know it is our Stewart visiting from the Rainbow Bridge. ~ Tink

Do any of you have New Years Resolutions that you would like to share?
Our NY Resolution will be to continue our mission to promote love, peace and kindness to all. We try to always be happy, have fun and be a safe place to visit. Oh, and to continue to swing and croon to the Rat Pack!

The real secret to cat's softness (don't worry it wasn't on, it was open and Tink climbed in)

The real secret to cat’s softness (don’t worry it wasn’t on, it was open and Tink climbed in)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Tink & the kittizens extraordinaire for letting me asking interview questions and sharing Stewart with us. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on Facebook sharing pictures, stories of their daily lives, love & laughter.

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