Happy Tails: Meet Thomas & Brunson

Brunson (top) Thomas (bottom)
T: Good evening, Mz Christina.
B: Hi, Mz Christina.
How old are you both?
T: I am somewhere between 15 and 16, and Brunson is maybe 7.
Thomas, you have a wonderful story about your adoption, care to share it?
T: Sure. I was at the Humane League for five weeks waiting for my forever family. (My first family dumped me for something to do with “landlord.”) Five weeks was a long time to be at that shelter back then as it was a high-kill shelter. I was getting really worried. So anyway, this lady and man come in. She had seen my photo on the Internet and was looking for me. She came up to the colony I was in and spotted me high up on a shelf. I showed her my teeth. I had big fangs back then and didn’t know what else to do. She laughed!
Thomas tries to recreate the face he made when he met his forever mom
The worker at the shelter took me into the meeting room so they could see me. Dad thought I was pretty scraggly and scrawny. He told mom that there were other “prettier” cats available. She said she thought I was beautiful and if I were a lap cat, she was going to take me home. She patted her lap and I jumped right up!  The adoption papers were signed and we were on our way. (Just for the record, in the last 10+ years since I was adopted, I have only sat on mom’s lap a couple of times. MOL)
The whole way home I squawked and made some truly loud and strange sounds. Mom was talking to me but I kept squawking.
Is there a reason you made all those funny noises on the way to your new home?
T: It turns out that I don’t sound like other cats. I am special. *giggles* I make throaty kind of sounds, sort of like a big lion, and when I purr it sounds like someone is tumbling stones for jewelry!
B: He sounds like a snarling Chihuahua, not a lion!
T: You are just jealous. I sound exactly like a lion.
Also, where do you relax if you’re not a lap cat?
T: I like to sit near my mom, by her feet or on the arm of the chair, but if she pets me I leave. When I am not with mom, I am in one of the cave type beds scattered around the house. Mom made me a “heat cave” which is a blanket over a chair. Part of the blanket surrounds the heat vent and all the hot air gets trapped next to the chair. I snuggle in between the chair and the wall. It is delightful! I am also a big fireplace fan!
Brunson, can you share your story of how got your name?
B: I had been outside and wandering around for what seemed like forever. It was very cold and raining really hard. I saw a dry porch with the lights on and a sleigh with presents. Using my last bit of strength, I meowed my head off at the front door. A lady (soon to be my new mom) heard me and opened the door.  I shoved my head and shoulders in the door.  She picked me up and took me back outside. Then people started showing up at the door. Every time someone would open the door, I would try to go in so the lady was holding me in her arms on the porch.
She couldn’t help but notice how bony I was so she made up a nice box with blankets, fed me, gave me water, and kept me safe until her and dad could take me to the vet the next morning.
That was a long way of saying that I was named after a famous poker player, Doyle Brunson, because I was the first guest to arrive on poker night!
Brunson's poker face
How long did it take for you to adjust from being outside to inside?
About 30 seconds. Mom and dad kept me in the finished basement until I was strong enough to meet my new brothers.  I had fleas, ticks, worms…I only weighed 6 pounds and I am a very large kitty. I had been starving for a long time. I was super happy to be warm, fed, and loved!
Do you two get along?
B: Umm…
T: Sometimes, I guess most times. Brunson is a daddy’s boy and I hang with mom. So there is no competition there.  Brunson gets carried away and body slams me sometimes. He bites me but ends up with a huge mouthful of my fur!  Mom says when we cough up hairballs, they are all my fur.
B: You have to admit, you start it, Thomas!
T: I just casually walk by and bop you on the head or step on your tail. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to wrestle.
B: Yeah, right!
Brunson stands by his statement, Thomas starts the fights
Are there any other furry siblings in the house?
T: Sigh. Not anymore. Our brother Licorice went to the rainbow bridge in January of 2013. He was my best friend. I lived with him for 9 years. I still miss him. He was 16 when he passed. My mom had a kitty named Baby Bear who was with her for 19 years. After he died, mom wanted a cat to keep her company and for Licorice to hang around with. That is why she adopted me.
B: Licorice had some razor sharp claws! Mom used to have to pick the claw shards out of my head! I learned pretty quickly not to mess with him. I still miss the old guy though.
Do either of you have new year’s resolutions you would like to share? 
T&B: To stop procrastinating!!! So far we are not doing well with that.
Stop procrastinating.. okay, I'll take a nap right here.
May I do a dedication to Licorice at the end of the article?
T: Yes. That would be nice.
Thank you both again and your mom. 🙂 
T: Thank you, Mz Christina!
B: Thanks, Mz Christina. That was fun!
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Licorice. Fly free little one. You will always be loved & missed.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Thomas & Brunson for letting me interview them (and their mom!). Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on their facebook page – Thomas & Brunson.

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