Happy Tails: Meet Rasmus Muzmuz


How old are you?
I Was Born june 13 2004 . At least that’s what we are told. So im 9 1/2 years old.

This is me, Rasmus Muzmuz
This is me, Rasmus Muzmuz

Where did your name come from?
My Mum had thought of a lot of names for a cat, mowgli was one of them and that is my middle name. But when my grandma saw me she said I looked like a Rasmus Rasmus is a bit of a “troublemaker”
name and I am.

How did you find your forever home?
My human Mum wanted a cat cause she’s been growing up having cats, dogs, Rabbits and hamsters.
She was sick from work with a bad leg so she felt it was the right time. She heard about a place where they had too many cats running around in a barn. So she went there with her parents, it was around 40km from where she lives. When they came, they saw so many cats a lot of them were skinny. One of them was me and she felt in love with me right away, I was so skinny she could see every bone in my body. I had a cold, fever and ear mites she took me to the vet and they took care of me. I Was 4 1/2 months old when Mum Got me. Now I have a great life.

Did it take you a while to adjust to being inside?
I adjusted pretty fast to being inside. I was just happy to have a warm place to sleep and didn’t have to fight for food. Mum lived in an apartment so I didn’t get to go outside, But I visited my grandparents who have a big garden and I loved to play in it. 5 years ago Mum and I moved into a small house with my own garden (Yay!) and I love to run around and play and watch the birds. She put up a fence and I stay in the garden . I still visit my grandparents on vacation.

Me in the garden, I love the garden
Me in the garden, I love the garden

What is your favorite thing to do?
Sleep and snuggle With Mum…and play. Mol

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is a brand called Moments. They make With tuna and With tuna and shrimps. I love shrimps. Yummy.

How long have you and girlfriend been together?
Jonesy (my girlfriend ) and I have been together for almost 5 months.

How did you two meet?
She got her own facebook page in July and Mum Was one of her first fans. I did’nt have my page back then. When Mum showed me her pictures I fell in love right away and asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes, last week I proposed to her and she said yes again. We are getting married in the Spring . I love her so much. She’s my first love.

What would you like to say to people who are hesitant about bringing in barn cats?
Don’t hesitate bring in barn cats. Some barn cats have a pawsome life and love catching mice, but some have a horrible life in a barn. Mum Would do it again. So don’t hesitate.

Me with blankets and mum's shirt
Me with blankets and mum’s shirt

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?

No, because I’m a really momma’s boy and needs all her attention but I’m okay with other dogs and cats.

What are your favorite toys?
My favorite toy is my catnip toy. I love my kong chubba and kong kickeroo. Balls are also fun. I would like to say to every one: please spay and neuter.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?
So many cats have a horrible life and they don’t deserve. We have feelings too. Treat us With respect.

Gotta make zooooomies now.

pre-zoomie stretching
pre-zoomie stretching

Whisker kisses

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Rasmus Muzmuz and his Mum for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on his Facebook page Rasmus Muzmuz.

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