Happy Tails: Meet Princess The Puppy

How old are Princess & Nessie?

Princess is three months old. The vet says Nessie is about two years old.

How did Nessie come to live with you?


Nessie is Princess’ biological mother. When we got Princess we didn’t know much about the back story until my friend (who adopted two of Princess’ siblings) found out more. Nessie had her litter and after she recovered and had finished caring for her pups she was taken to the Adopt-A-Pet here on the military base my husband and I live on. I immediately knew I wanted to keep the family together. I wanted Princess to have her mother.

May I ask how Nessie lost her leg?

Nessie’s previous owners went on vacation leaving her tethered in the backyard. While they were gone, she escaped. They found her when they got back with the leash wrapped around her back leg. They took her to the vet and he said she needed surgery. They couldn’t afford it so he said he’d do the surgery but they would have to give up the dog.

Was it a hard adjustment for her learning to walk on three legs?

I don’t think so. They discovered she was pregnant during the surgery and a little more than a month later I saw her at the shelter and she was totally adjusted. She did try to scratch her ear with her missing foot, though.

Did she need any therapy/medication or other special consideration?

I have no idea. The shelter and the vet took care of all her needs.

Did Princess notice her mom is different?

Princess wasn’t born until after the surgery, so no.

What breed of dogs are they?

Nessie is a terrier mix of some sort. Princess is terrier mix and the vet suspects part Border Collie.

What kind of songs do you sing to your dogs?

I sing lullabies to Princess when I want her to nap. The rest of the time it’s whatever I’m listening to. I’m a huge Bullet For My Valentine fan so they hear me sing a lot of that. And lately I’ve been rapping Funny Man’s part in “My Town” by Hollywood Undead. I’m glad my dogs aren’t human children because I’d be setting a horrible example.

What is your favorite pie recipe?

My grandmother gave me all of her old cookbooks. In one of the oldest ones is the best apple pie recipe I’ve ever had. I made it even better by adding a bit of pancake mix instead of flour to the filling.

When did you start the blog?

In November. I’m a newbie to the pet blogging world.

What has been your favorite post?

I love my Wordless Wednesday posts but it’s a tie between “Doggie Wake-up Call” and  a post dedicated to one of my childhood dogs, Freckles.

Why do you like Wordless Wednesday so much?

I get to share moments of my dog-children’s lives with everyone. And it’s a great excuse to try new things with them, like introducing the dogs to Christmas lights or bubbles for the first time.

Princess & Nessie are dog bloggers
Princess & Nessie are dog bloggers

Do you have a preview of any upcoming posts?

Yes, the post on the 16th of December. It will be nine years to the day that my precious dog, Freckles, passed away. I wanted to do something special to remember him.

Do you or the girls have any New Year’s Resolutions you care to share?

I’m surprised I haven’t thought of any, yet. My goals are always to improve myself and improve the world around me any way I can. I think Princess and Nessie should adopt those goals, too.

Is there anything else you would like to add about being a dogmama/blogger?

I didn’t realize what a void my life had without dogs. I had to leave my family dog behind when I got married. As soon as I got Princess, that hole in my heart was filled. I blog so that I can share that love and joy and maybe convince someone they need to adopt a shelter dog.



This article is dedication to the loving memory of Cherry & Freckles.

Fly free little ones.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Princess and her mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find them on the blog Princess the Puppy, or on Twitter or Facebook.

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5 Replies to “Happy Tails: Meet Princess The Puppy”

  1. @dayphoto I can’t imagine it either. I can’t imagine leaving these dogs for long periods of time. Especially if I don’t have a good babysitter for them.
    @Kuruk Princess says thank you for the compliments. She uses her cuteness to get anything she wants. She also uses it to get herself out of trouble. Like yesterday she tried to grab a bite of steak out of my mouth. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t yell at her.

  2. Nessie looks like she might have some chihuahua or min pin in her. It’s a little sad but cute that she tried to scratch her hear with the missing leg. They say that people who lose limbs can sometimes still feel them there.

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