Happy Tails: Meet Pepper & Onion

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Nom time for Pepper & Onion
First of, I love your names, where did they come from?

Pepper: Meowmy named our bicolor auntie Ginger and by the time the tortie and white enters her yard, our Uncle gave her the name Cabbage which was Tagalized into Repolyo and that’s when we’re named after vegetables and spices. There are some in our family that don’t have vegetable themed names, though – Colette, Patches, Uncle Jabba, Chloe, Callie, Angel, Buggy, and Scrawny are such kitties.

Onion: Meowmy named me after her first tabby who is at the Rainbow Bridge with our cousins Colette and Patches the first.

Are you two littermates?
Yes we are.
I read you are Puspins, what is that and how does that set you apart from other cat breeds?
Puspin is Pusang Pinoy which means Philippine native cats. Pusa means cat in Tagalog while Pinoy is a short form of “Filipino.” The word Puspin shows that native cats were just as cute, sweet, intelligent and as loyal as their purebred counterparts.

What are you favorite things to do?

Playing with each other, jumping on the windowsill, climbing on the wood sorrel tree, cuddling with our Meowmy and rubbing ourselves on her legs.

How did you come to your forever home?

Two of Meowmy’s nannies brought our caliby auntie Okra and our tabby Mommy Ampalaya to our Meowmy’s current home where our said mommy cat gave birth to us.

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?

Pepper: Onion and I lived with our cousins Chloe and Callie before we started living at the bungalow with the former who sadly went missing after the typhoon. *Sad meows.* By the time I grew up, I gave birth to my ticked tabby babies Buggy, Scrawny, and Ginger who was named after our auntie.

Would you like to share a little information about where you live?

The Philippines is quite a beautiful country but as of now the pet-friendly places in this country are Old Diplomat Hotel and The Good Shepherd in Baguio City, UP Oval and Sunken Garden, Bonifacio High Street and Serendra in Taguig, Tiendesitas, and Eastwood City.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

When choosing a pet, the best bet is to adopt one even if it’s a black cat.


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