Happy Tails: Meet Oscar the Human Whisperer

I'm Oscar and I'll be your human whisperer today
I’m Oscar and I’ll be your human whisperer today

How old are you?


The vet says that, judging by my teeth and assuming that I’ve never had a cleaning, I’m about five human-years old. My fifth birthday was on the tenth of February (Mommy chose the date). We celebrated with chicky nuggies and Animal Planet’s “Too Cute!”

Where did your name come from?


Mommy tells people that she named me after Oscar Meyer wieners, but that’s not true. I’ve had this name since before I met Mommy, or even before my last mommy. We’re not sure where it came from.


How did you come to live with your mom & dad?


That’s kind of a sad story. See, Mommy is my third Mommy. My first mommy gave me up because her boyfriend was allergic to my fur, and so he didn’t like me. So, my second mommy took me. But, my second mommy stopped having enough time to give me the attention and exercise that I need, and she felt awful. Then, she found out that her sister was looking for a doggy, but wasn’t ready for a puppy. Her sister became my new mommy, and has been my Mommy ever since! She drove from Omaha, Nebraska to Louiseville, Kentucky to get me, and then moved me out here to Hawaii with her and Daddy!

I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?
I trained them to let me on beds..neat huh?


I saw you need lots of exercise, can you give me examples of what you do?


Mommy taught me how to fetch, so we play a lot of fetch. And tug. But, I can’t leave the yard unless I’m on the leash because I’m a runner. But, Mommy and Daddy take me for walks and hikes!


How was the move?


It was slow. It felt like it took forever. First, we drove from Omaha to Washington to mail our car to Hawaii. I didn’t know they sent cars through the mail. Then, we went to Oregon for a while where I met Daddy’s family. Then, They put me in my crate and we came to Hawaii, but I didn’t live with Mommy and Daddy right away. I lived in a cage with a bunch of other doggies.


How do you like your new place?

So very happy here
So very happy here


I’ve been so happy since we got our home! It’s cozy, there’s more than one room, and Mommy is usually home with us!


Do you have a furbrother yet?


Yes! We got him two weeks ago. His name is Frank. I’m still not sure that I like him much. He’s such a Mommy hog. She can’t even wash her fur without him sitting outside the bath whimpering like she’s gone forever!


What is your favorite thing to do?


Full body snuggles! I love crawling between Mommy and Daddy on the bed and getting fully snuggled up!


Can you share how you became a human whisperer?

Getting pets just because
Getting pets just because


I was watching Cesar Millan with Mommy, and I realized that I trained Mommy and Daddy the same way he trains those doggies!


How many humans have you tamed so far?


Let’s see, there’s Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Trish, Auntie Meg, Auntie Jenn, Granny… six fully tamed so far. Partially trained probably another seven or eight.


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?


I am a relatively little known breed of dog, a German Pinscher. When people hear that, they think GSD/Doberman mix, so Mommy usually gets asked who would rent to a family with such a large dog. My breed has only been recognized by the AKC for the last few years.

Other interesting facts: I’m very touchy about my front paws. One of my paws was obviously broken at one time. I’m highly allergic to fleas, so despite Mommy’s hatred of chemicals, Frank and I have to be given oral flea preventative monthly. Also because of this, Mommy is very selective about where she takes me to get groomed or what dogs she lets me be around.

Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers
Getting ready to take over the world as human whisperers

I am taking my little brother, Frank, under my paw. He will also be a Human Whisperer. We hope to take the world by storm!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oscar for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page – Oscar the Human Whisperer


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