Happy Tails: Meet Oliver the cat


How old am I?

I am 6 1/2 weeks old.

Where did I come from?

I was abandoned at the County Animal Shelter at 4 weeks old.

How did I find my forever home?

My human mum went to the shelter to just “look”. She was ready to walk out, when the vet tech at the shelter noticed mum’s passions for cats. She said ” I have one more cat I’d like to show you.” She then takes mum to the back Quarantine room and says “This little one is to tiny to put up for adoption. He has no mother or siblings. He needs a good home that will help him grow.” Then she places me in mum’s hand and she MELTED with love. It was love at first sight and I was purring in her arms. She adopted me and was able to take me home a week later.

oooh, what's over there?
oooh, what’s over there?

Are you the only pet right now?

No, mum has 4 other indoor only cats and she takes care of a feral colony outside that she feeds and TNR’s.

What is my favorite thing to do?

Play with my mouse toy. It has a long tail and I love to flip it in the air.

What are my favorite noms?

I love my kitten growth wet cat food and every once in awhile I nibble on dry kitten chow. My teeth still have a difficult time chewing the hard stuff, unless mum softens it with kitten milk. Mum won’t let me try anything else right now, my tummy is sensitive.

Where do I sleep?

In my kennel on a soft blanket with a heating pad. I’m to little to wander around without someone to keep an eye on me throughout the night, besides I would get way to cold. During the day, I can nap on the beds, sofa and more!

This is my guardian pink doggy
This is my guardian pink doggy

What do you like most about your new home?

I love the children in the home that love to play with me.

What would you say to other kittens awaiting adoption?

I would say, “Keep your chin up – there is someone out there for everybody. Just purr and be yourself! Cuteness rules!”

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

Yes, to grow and climb to the very top of the kitty tower they have in this house!

Is there anything you’d like to add about yourself?

When I first came to mums house, I had the sneezes, she took me to the vet and we got some medicine to make me better. It’s rough having to take medicine twice a day for ten days, but now I can smell and I am eating more. I’ve been away from the other cats because my doctor says I’m contagious. But soon, I can be part of the entire family! Only 3 days to go!

I'm on the mend!
I’m on the mend!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oliver and his mom for sharing his story. Pictures were used with permission. Please stop by and say hello to Oliver on his Facebook page.


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