Happy Tails: Meet Ghost


May I ask how old you are sir?

I am 8 years young as close as momma can figure. She thinks I was about a year when I adopted her.

Where did your name come from?

When I was brought to my momma I had been in the sun so long my purrteh spots were almost white so momma named me Ghost.

How did you find your mama?

Me and what momma thinks was my mate was left behind by me former owner when dat person traveled through New Mexico. Whoever it was stayed at an RV park and when dey left dey left me and my mate behind and never came back fur us. The park owner told someone he knew that he was gonna shoot us and that person told mommas friend who called momma. She had her friend bring us to her so she could find us good homes but we kinda adopted each other once she saw me and my mate.

Can you tell people a bit about your breed, British Short Hairs?

Da momma tolds me dat British short hairs are English cats that originated from the domestic cats of Rome. We are da teddy bears of cats cuz as we are easygoing in nature, talk infrequently and are relatively calm. We hab dense coats to protect us and large round eyes (better to do the please stare with) and no breed specific health problems. We also have numerous colors and patterns.

How do you stay so handsome?

I grooms meself several times daily and da momma or da hoomin sisfur brushes me twice a week. I also get a nutritious food dat helps my fur stay shiny and healthy.

Do you live with any fursiblings?

I has adopted fursiblings. All but two were rescues like me and we all has unique names. Dere is Spirit, Midgit(her hab a facebook page), peaches, princess, and snow. I had more when da momma worked with da rescue but some has crossed da Rainbow Bridge now.

How do you get along with them?

We all play and eat together and sleep together but we still have our arguments and have what da momma calls “hissy fights” to settle them. Da momma don’t let us actual fight so if we disagree we hiss and settle it that way.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

I haz lots of favorite places to sleep especially if there is sunshine, but my very favorite is on the bed wif da momma. I curl up by her legs and sleep all night.

Does your mama make dream catchers?

Yepurrs she make pretty catchers and sells dem to people who wants dem or special order dem. I like playing with da feathers and special string she uses. Dey are fun to chase.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of  Sorcette, Bruele, Baby bear, Turtle, Grayspots, Racoonie(my mate), Zelda, paw paw, patch, shy baby and baby blackie. I hab many furr friends from facebook who have crossed the bridge too.



Paw Paw
Paw Paw

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Ghost and his momma for letting me ask interview questions. Pictures used with permission. You can visit Ghost on his facebook page

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