Extra Love Needed: Meet Gatsby

How old is he?
Gatsby is approximately 4 yrs old
Where did his name come from?
Gatsby came from Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. My favorite movie.  Gatsby is a grey tuxedo and quite dapper, so I thought the name was very fitting for him.
How long was he in foster care before he came to you?
He was found living in a busy industrial area. Some wonderful people initiated his capture, as they realized he was blind. Once caught, he was fixed, tested and in a foster for about 10 days. I found him on a cross post on Facebook. I had just lost a cat to cancer 3 weeks prior.
Enjoying some quality time with his mom
Did it take long for him to “map” the house?
Not long at all. I would say all of a day! I posted a number of videos of Gatsby on Youtube. One of which is his first walk around the house. It can be seen under Gatsby the blind kitty on Youtube
Have you ever cared for a blind cat before?
What tips would you give to people who are caring for their first blind cat?
Treat them as if they have no issues. Just let them explore and find the right and wrong way themselves. Gatsby was born without eyes, so he thinks all cats are like him! Gatsby has a chip and his claws just in  case he gets out. I keep a close eye on the door!
Loving the sun puddles at the new house
What are some of the things you’ve learned since adopting Gatsby?
Lots. He overcomes obstacles every day with poise and dignity. When I am having a bad day I just think of Gatsby and everything is OK
Do you have any big plans for his “birthday” this year?
His birthday is coming up in March. There will be lots of catnip, toys and extra treats! He is also getting a kitty as a playmate!!!
Does he have a favorite toy?
My feet are his favorite toy! OUCH
Is there anything  else you would like to say about Gatsby?
A blind cat requires no special care. They navigate perfectly well and make fantastic pets. Have a heart and adopt a blind rescue
Gatsby even shows some leg from time to time

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Gatsby and his mom for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page Gatsby the Blind Kitty .
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