Happy Tails: Meet Bo’sun

Hi Miss Christina … you can call me Bailey.

May I borrow pictures of you for the article?
Bailey, may I ask how old you are?
I just turned 6 in November. I had a cool party with 3 of my wheaten buddies. We have play dates … well I think it’s really our Mom’s play dates. BOL
Oh great, she found a hat
I read you are a soft coated Wheaton Terrier, can you explain what that is?
Mom told me that I’m an Irish breed of dog. We were farm dogs way back 200 years ago. Wow that’s a long time ago!  She said we were the poor man’s farm dog and we would chase vermin – I think that means mousies. Some of us would herd sheep and go hunting with our Dads. Our coat is really soft and we don’t shed. And we’re all some sort of wheat colored. That’s why we spell wheaten with an “e” not an “o”.
How did you come to your forever home?
Mom & Dad got me from a nice lady …. well they thought she was but they found out later that she got me from a puppy mill. I don’t remember that place and I’m glad I don’t. It must a been horrible.  And Mom says if I get a sister, she will rescue her or find a good breeder for a puppy.
My birthday bone.. it was huge!
Do you live with any fursiblings?
I don’t have a sister yet but I think it would be fun. Mom says maybe some day.
I read you really like cheese, do you have a favorite kind of cheese?
My favorite cheese is string cheese but I’ll eat any kind. I just tried Camembert cheese and it was yummy. It’s funny too cuz Mom sometimes hurries me along on our walks by saying “COME ON BEAR” in a funny voice then she says “that’s cheese.” BOL
How many boat rides have you been on? Do you  wear a life jacket?
Wow, I don’t know how many boat rides. I’ve been on our boat since I was 5 months old. We have a catamaran power boat so it’s real smooth and I can nap and watch duckies and seagulls and supervise everybody when they fish. I don’t bark on the boat so I don’t scare the fishies.  When I was little, I wore my life vest all the time cuz they wanted to be sure I didn’t jump off the boat.  The sides of our boat are real high and I don’t try to jump off so if it’s nice and I’m napping in the cockpit or if we’re fishing I don’t have to wear it. But it’s always right there so I can have Mom put it on. Oh and I am the Bo’sun on the boat. That’s short for boatswain.  He’s the dude that is in charge of the deck.
Whatcha doing dad?
Where is your favorite place to go for a walk?
I love walking anywhere but I think I like the times we walk around my neighborhood and up to the little shopping center. I always meet lots of people and they always smile and talk to me. I also like going to Annapolis and walk around but it’s a special trip because we have to take a kinda long car ride to get there. But it’s real cool and we can sit outside at restaurants and eat. And we meet lots of people.
What else would you like people to know about you?
I guess I would just want people to know that I really like meeting them. And I like other dogs if they are friendly. I go to daycare and lots of times I show the new dogs how to play there so they have a buddy.
Thanks for interviewing me. It was fun.
Boating tip: Always wear a life jacket

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Bo’Sun and his parents for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his Facebook page – Bo’sun Bailey’s Wheaton Adventures (try saying that three times as fast!)

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