Happy Tails: Meet Abbey the Birman

Oh, Hello, I'm Abbey
Oh, Hello, I’m Abbey

How old are you?

I am four years old.

Where did your name come from?

Mum found it hard to find the perfect name for me. Finally she had a great idea, so my full name is Abigail Rose, but Abbey for short. Mum loves the name Abbey because it is pretty and suits me perfectly! I hope you like it too!

What exactly is a Birman?

A Birman looks quite like a Ragdoll, and is also known as the ‘Sacred cat of Birma.’ A Birman has silky, medium long hair, white fur, coloured points and blue eyes. Although Birmans have points, we all have white feet (gloves). Some common points of a Birman are seal point, blue, cream and chocolate. I am a special Birman; a blue and cream Tortie. Birmans are typically very affectionate, intelligent, playful and moderately vocal. In Mum’s opinion, Birmans are the best cat breed in the world!

Just layin' around
Just layin’ around

Do you get to go outside?

Yes, we have a big fenced in front yard with a lovely garden, so mum sits outside with me there. I love to sniff flowers, eat grass and roll around in the sun. I can wander around freely and play with my sister, which I just love! I also have a large enclosure I can sleep in during the day in the sun when mum can’t sit out with me. I love being outside.

Do you and your fursiblings get along?

Yes, I love my cat sister Roxie so much, we are best friends! When I first came she didn’t like me, but now we lick each other and cuddle on Mums bed. As for our two dogs, we get along well but are on opposite sides of the house so we don’t really see each other much. They are a bit scared of me although I would never hurt them. My sister Roxie gets along very well with them too.

This is how I stay warm
This is how I stay warm

Where is your favourite place to sleep?

On the end of Mum’s bed is one of my favourite places, but so is on her pillow. I love being up high – sleeping on top of couches or on the drier and washing machine are great places too.

What are your favourite treats?

I love my whiskers wet food and fancy feast dry nuts. Roxie and I love every brand of cat food though!

What would you like people to know about living “Down Under?”

Australia is a fantastic place to live, we just love it here. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, a place where the weather has been very unpredictable lately but Melbourne has everything you would ever want! Make sure you come and visit Australia, you will not be disappointed.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Mum always says she is so lucky to have me. I was bred to be a show cat and my markings are all perfect to be one, but because of a blue stripe on my paw I couldn’t. When I was 12 weeks old Mum visited my breeders house and I was the last kitten in my litter left. My cat mum was a spitting image of me! Mum fell in love and I’ve been her cat ever since!

Exploring the garden
Exploring the garden

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Abbey’s mum for letting me ask Miss Abbey questions. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit her Facebook page Abbey the Birman.

This article is a part of the Happy Tails theme, sharing stories of pets that have their forever homes.


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  1. Abbey, you sure are pretty and very unusual looking. You look sweet and cuddly. The cats in my neighborhood hide under cars when I come by. I think they’re trying to kill me….

    Love and licks,

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