Happy Tails (Feathers): Meet Charlie

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Latonia for letting me ask about Charlie. Pictures used with permission. Sorry about the delay in editing I had some computer problems. Stupid Windows updates.. grrrrs


Buzzsaw is her nickname

She’s between 7 and 9 years old.

We got her from a pet shop, she had been surrendered by her previous owners.

She’s not trained. Her old owners didn’t take very good care of her.

She can say a bunch of stuff, with hello being her most prominent word. Pretty bird and what’s up are also favorites. Occasionally she’s say shut up but we discourage it.

She requires a large cage or her feathers come in bent. I usually change her cage twice a week.

Water is changed daily because she likes to put her food in it to soften it.

She usually is out of her cage all day and goes bed when I do. She is currently using an old rabbit hutch as a perch till we can buy or make her a new one.

She not our first. We previously had a blue and gold, but had to give her away when my mom lost her job when nasa did cut backs.

Blue and golds (unless raised from a baby) are very territorial of one person. She only allows me to hold her and is very aggressive with anyone else.

If considering getting a macaw, keep in mind they need a lot of stimulus and attention, and can outlive you if given the proper diet. However they’re very lovey to their selected person, just today we had love time on the bed where she sat on my chest and “groomed” me while I attempted to free her new incoming feathers from their stalks. (Not an activity she enjoys as they are sore from pushing through). Her idea of grooming is checking out anything she wants on me with her beak. She’s usually very gentle, but on occasion does hurt me, however never on purpose unless she’s warned me several times to stop doing whatever it is making her angry.

Meow! Woof! Chirrp! Tell me what you think. =^..^=