Guest Post: Rumpy on Animal Welfare

Author’s Note: I asked Rumpy to do a guest post about animal welfare and here is the short & sweet answer.

What is the animal welfare movement?

It depends on who you ask.There is a camp of people who will want nothing less than an end to ALL animal ownership. In another camp is the animal welfarists. They believe that it is better to partner with agriculture and puppy mills to make conditions better for animals as society slowly moves toward a day when animals will not be considered property. And then finally there is the no-kill movement. These folks are adamant that no dogs or cats should be killed. They take no stance on other animals, and are not otherwise politically active.

While these three groups are all supposedly advocates for the well-being of animals, they are often at odds with each other.For instance, Nathan Winograd of No Kill Nation has written editorials trashing both PETA (abolitionist) and HSUS (welfarist). PETA often finds itself on the opposite side of an issue than HSUS. For instance, PETA does not support TNR as a humane method of dealing with feral cats. To be fair, they don’t oppose it either. Their stance is TNR does not make life easier for the cats; it merely reduces numbers of cats. And herein lies the problem we face in making positive changes for animals in the US. If we can’t agree among ourselves what is good for animals, we certainly can’t effectively change the hearts and minds of those who see animals only as a commodity to buy, sell, or trade.


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16 Replies to “Guest Post: Rumpy on Animal Welfare”

  1. I think – as with all political movements – the key is compromise. I have been involved in animal rights activism for years, but my primary political focus these days, is America’s prisons. Myself, I dream of a day when we’ll not need or have use for prisons, but the realist in me knows such a day will never come. We need to find a compromise between no incarceration and the insane rush to mass incarceration we have today. Same holds true for animal issues. Those who support extremist radical animal rights, end up getting no protections for animals. Compromises must be struck. Pets can be obtained through animal rescue operations, rather than puppy mills. Farm animals can be treated humanely and well cared for. Only through compromise will we be able to help even a small percentage of suffering animals. Extremism is the death knell of all political movements.

  2. Hmmm….it’s a difficult problem…each people has their own insistance but unless we unite together, we can’t reach what we’d want to…especially for animal welfare…because I don’t think all humans care about animal welfare, so if we want any change for animals, we have to make our effort patiently and continually….

  3. In numbers we can make changes to help the voiceless, diminish needless suffering, feed the hungry, stop abuse: physical and emotional (& I am talking of our furry friends), and continue to advocate for them. Rumpy you’re a great role model for all the rest of us and highlight important issues to shine a light on things that need to change. Thank you. Paulette (active in dog rescue for the past 28 years)

  4. Agreed Rumpy, …….Unity for the common Good of all,

    Unfortunately its the Humans who have difficulty in this area, as they All think THEY know Best, when we know its the 4-legged who have it right, They manage to live quite well knowing who is the leader of the Pack….

    Great Guest Post, and Hello to Peacelovenwhiskers 🙂 You have a lovely Blog

  5. I find myself agreeing with HSUS more often than I agree with PETA. PETA seems to have the ability to alienate a lot of people who do care about animals. We can’t achieve everything at once, but need to keep pushing things in the right direction and raising awareness.

  6. Many people want to be kind and treat all living things with respect – but so many other cultures/philosophy have different ideas and values. I do not trust large loud organizations who claim to be “animal rights” groups – too much noise/too high salaries and budgets not spent on helping animals. All I can do is help locally – attempt to make this one little corner of the world better – to keep from getting to sad or frustrated. If everyone did what they could just in their little area, the world would be a better place.
    Thanks for having Rumpy over. He’s a one dog world hero.

  7. Apawz Apawz fer yer wise werdz Rumpy!!! Dere are many opinnionz n sidez to da questshun of what ‘animal welfare’ iz…so compleecated fer shure!!!
    Me Mum helpz wif feral kitteh feedin n TNR program. She supportz da No-Kill shelter. She sharez listingz fer kittehz who want to bee adopted. She feedz strayz n abandoned kittehz who come to our patio n she helpz get dem into Shelter. Mum sayz bein a ‘free agent’ she haz no ‘filleashun to one group or another…maybee dat iz da answer?
    Nylablue xo

  8. We agree with you, Rumpy. Humans really need to get together and work for a common animal welfare goal. Until they do, it’s like we’re all just running around in circles. :-/

  9. “Pet” versus “companion” – the war over words is misplaced. They need to focus more on what those animals’ lives are like. Who do you turn to to assure that animals are being treated responsibly … and are wanted and cared for properly? If humans don’t step up and adopt and neuter/spay, then who? I’m not a fan of organizations that stridently push their agenda and refuse to listen or be courteous to those who do not share their view.

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