Guest Post: DIY Cat Wand

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Hi! This is Aimee from Irresistible Pets, where I create DIY pet projects with my Chihuahua, Chuy. I’d like

to share with you a fun and easy DIY Cat Wand toy you can make to keep your cat busy this winter.

DIY Cat Wand via

My DIY Cat Wand Toy is perfect for:

• Entertaining your cat when you are both trapped indoors due to the “Polar Vortex”

• During commercials when the football game is on

• Keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree you still haven’t put up

• Just some good ole’’ bonding time between you and your kitty!

Supplies You Need

You can get pretty much all of these supplies from the Dollar Tree or your local craft store. You will need

the following:

• 1 Wooden Dowel

• 3 Jingle Bells

• Multiple Fabric Scraps (Ribbons, Shoe Laces, etc)

• 1 Roll of Baker’s Twine

• Scissors

• Fabric Glue

DIY Cat Wand Supplies via

Step by Step Instructions

Shopping for the supplies is probably the “hardest” part of the whole project. Seriously, that’s how easy

this is. It takes just a few steps and you’ll be on your way to entertaining your kitty for hours! To get the

full step by step tutorial, please visit Irresistible Pets, please check out other DIY Pet Projects.

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