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Hey guys, it’s Kai  & Brother & we both have moms that have done a LOT of research on the healthiest way to feed us.We want to share what our moms have learned. You have probably already noticed but in case not, we are CATS. What does that mean though? It means that we are true carnivores that need a diet of mostly meat- ideally 85%+. That’s what we’re designed to eat. Grains, especially corn, can cause us serious digestive issues. Fruits & veggies? They’re for rabbits! Don’t be sucked in by the whole “grain free” marketing thing! Grain free is good but grain free + fruit & veggie free is even better! Why? you ask…

Cats run on animal protein like cars run on gasoline. You aren’t going to feed your car anything else are you?
Let’s talk about dry food, okay? The first problem with dry food is that it’s …dry. We depend on our food for moisture. That’s part of the reason we choose to eat mice, birds & other things you people consider unsavory. We cats started out as desert creatures. We don’t even realize we are thirsty till we’re REALLY thirsty.
Carbs? Yep, dry food is loaded with them. Animal protein? Not so much. Did you know that carbohydrates & too little moisture for the urinary tract to function properly are the two biggest causes of crystals (that can make it impossible for a boy cat to pee) that form in cats’ urinary tracts.
Your cat may like dry food (maybe too much) but it’s no better for him than McDonald’s everyday is for kids. If you read the ingredients & you see corn first throw that food in the trash! Rice (especially brewers rice), oats, wheat, barley- none of that stuff is any good for your cat. We know that the companies that make the food try to make it sound great, in fact, they market it to sound good to people & it may be good for you, but not your cat.

Some folks feed dry cat food because they think cats need food available all the time & that is just not true. There’s no reason for a healthy adult cat to have any more than two meals a day. Most of us cats need no more than one 6oz. can of food a day & many need even less than that. Seriously.

The same thing goes for canned food as far as avoiding grains & veggies but at least with the canned your cat is getting much more moisture & is much healthier than any dry for this reason alone.
One note here: pate, ground, classic- whatever your brand calls it, is almost always a better choice than shreds, grilled, flaked, ect. That usually means it’s less processed & food without gravy has less carbs, too.

Of course, the higher quality the protein source, the healthier the food will be. By-products & “digest” are definitely not going to be as good for us as good old muscle meat but that’s another whole blog.
There’s a lot more we could add here but that’s the basics. We’ll leave you with some good links if you’d like to learn more. Feel free to give either of us a holler, too. We both have suggestions on really good foods you can get for your cats.

Before we go, one more note: If you make changes to your cat’s diet do it very slowly to avoid stomach distress. Add a little more of the new food every day & cut back on the old stuff gradually.

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Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Kai & Brother for their time and patience. I have interviewed both of them separately please check out Kai Kobayashi’s interview and Brother the Tailless Wonder‘s interview. You can visit them on their facebook pages – Kai Kobayashi, he currently runs a great cat law firm and Brother, enjoys being tailless and eating weird things. 

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