Guest Post: 5 Reasons why your cat needs a cat tree


 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Tree

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A cat or kitten is one of the easiest pets to have in your home or apartment. They are extremely low maintenance, make almost no noise, self-clean and only eat once per day.In addition to this, they are very comforting and loving, snuggle on a cold winter’s night and are gentle with children. That said, there are a few things that you should considerto make your cat’s life a happy one and one of them is buying a cat tower.

Below are 5 reasons why a cat tower will benefit your cat.

1. A Safe Place For Your Cat

If you live in a hectic house with small children or other pets such as dogs, a cat tower can be a place for your cat to escape, especially for a timid cat. When theyare feeling threatened or simply don’t want to interact, they can climb to the top of the perch and know they are out of hands reach of toddler fingers and intimidating dogs. This will save them hiding under your bed or in strange places. It’s also a good idea to let your children know that if the cat is in her cat tree, she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

2. It’s Great For Multiple Cats

If you have more than one cat, you’ll know that there is a certain pecking order amongst your pets. A multi-platform perch will allow each cat to claim an individual level which means they can all enjoy the extra height and view without inching into each other’s territory. It may avoid physical confrontations as the more dominant cat can show its hierarchy by claiming the highest tower as opposed to a cat fight!

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3. A Scratching Pole Made Easy

Cats love sisal (A stiff, rough, fabric similar to rope) or bare wood for scratching. Most cat trees that you will find on the market have its support poles covered in either material so that your tree can double up as a scratching pole. If they are covered in carpet, it’s easy enough to wrap some rope around a pole or two. And this will save your own furniture from being scratched to death.

4. Allows Your Cat To Live In A Vertical World

Humans live in a vertical world however cats live in a horizontal world and they get very jealous! The cat loves being on the tallest perch in the room. They can assess their environment, see predators approaching and have a sense of calm up there. And if you don’t provide them with elevation, they will end up on the top of your fridge or cupboard.

5. Provides Exercise For Your Cat

Just like all animal’s, cats need exercise and a cat tree provides the perfect environment for this. You may notice after a month or so with your cat tree that your cats coat is shinier, it’s behaviour improves and it becomes more active.


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