Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Updated – 11/17/2014 @ 2020 – Sorry I didn’t fully have the article ready!! Grr.


For those who are shopping for pet lovers whether it’s friends, family, significant others.. I wanted to give you a list of places you can go to find items for under $30 or sometimes $20.


The obvious places to look:

Amazon – From car magnets, to stickers, shirts and more.. seriously Amazon has just about everything. I’ve not had any problems with them so far, I’ve ordered cat toys, car magnets, pc parts, ink cartiridges, etc from them. Just really be careful of the shipping price when trying to find lower prices because sometimes the shipping is more than the actual item.

Animal Rescue Site – I’ve ordered from them before.. it took forever (3 weeks at least) to get the items because it was regular mail and I live in Florida, but the items were nice. They have flash sales, clearance items, you can look by price and get some really fun & unique items. Plus if you go to the main page you get to click to feed homeless pets.

Pet Supply Plus – I get my cat food & litter from them and always check out the clearance sections for useful stuff, they do have more dog stuff than cat, but they often run grooming specials. The price for some items are steep so price shop, you will probably find cheaper on Amazon (just sayin’)

Tractor Supply Company – A friend of mine told me they have lots of pet stuff (thanks Angel!)

Petco – They have a larger variety of cat stuff, the offer obedience classes for dogs and generally partner with small shelters

Petsmart  – They have a decent variety – again watch the prices it can get expensive fast – they often partner with local rescues/shelters with pets for adoption.

Bookstores – Do you know a pet lover who loves to read? There are so many wonderful pet books out there and I just have to throw a few names into the ring:

  • Neptune the Special cat (my wonderful co-writer Miss Sharon’s cat) – a great book for the family, lots of pictures and such
  • Bailey the Boat Cat – the life & times of Bailey the Boat Cat
  • Cat Daddy – Jackson Galaxy tells how he came to do what he does and the cat that led him to it
  • Oogy – the story of a former bait dog who found a home & love
  • Solider Dogs – the dogs that accompany soliders in war
  • Homer’s Odyssey – the wonderful story of Homer the Blind Cat
  • The Lost Dogs – the story about Michael Vick’s dogs – this is a bit heavy but a great behind-the-scenes look at the investigation, how the dogs were handled and what happened after the trial.


The obscure places to look:

Dichroic Glass by Laurie K – Beautiful handcrafted necklaces, rings and other items. Love her work, she often helps out with auctions and her prices are $10-$20. Lots of items to choose from cats, dogs, small pets and other things.

The Animal Rescue Shop – All kinds of items. I’ve ordered multi-colored paw print stamps from them.

Me Time Melts – Wonderful smelly good candles

Rescue Chocolate –  Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate, it’s vegan too! (Thanks for the suggestion Diane!)


Auction Sites:

Helping Hands to Paws – Auctions are up often, get in your bids, keep an eye on your bids and make payments via Paypal w/in 48 hours.

Black Cats Unite– Auctions are up often so bookmark the page!



If you find other places or things to add, please comment!

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