Extra Love Needed: Thomas the Special Needs Cat

Pfft says Thomas
How old is Thomas ?
 Thomas is about 7-8 years old according to the Vet
Where did his name come from?
Thomas is a family name. His name started out as Tom as that is what he was and it evolved into Thomas.
How did he come to live with you?
We found Thomas at a nearby campground in Early October 2012. Someone had dumped him. The campground was getting ready to close for the season and he would have been all alone so we brought him home. He was very friendly and well fed. The Campground Hosts said he had been there for a couple of weeks.  The Vet said it looked like Thomas had been attacked by a dog. A coyote would have been a more efficient killer. Thomas has no fear of dogs so it made sense that he probably approached an unknown dog. This happened December 16th 2012. The front part of his bottom jaw was gone and just a piece of skin hanging. Infection had already set in. Surgery was done and the remaining skin was used to give him somewhat of a chin.
Close up so you can see the bottom chin is missing
How long did it take for him to adjust adjust?
 At the time, it was unknown just how well he would adapt and be able to eat. He was fed with a syringe for the first 2 weeks. Messy but successful. He tried right away to eat dry food but really could not. He swallowed a lot of it. He does have his back teeth so he can chew.  After we were done with the syringe feeding and the stitches came out, he ate 2-3 cans of wet food a day. He continued to try to eat dry food. Gradually over the next 3-4 months he did not seem to want as much wet food so I cut back and increased the dry. He now eats mostly dry food but does get half a can at bed time. He weighs 12+ pounds.
Do you need medication or therapy?
 Thomas needs no therapy or medications now. The hardest thing for him to do is to pick up a piece of food off the floor. He can’t grab it. He has a deep food dish that someone sent to him and that works very well.
What is his favorite thing to do?
 Next to sleeping, Thomas’ favorite thing to do is play with his best friend Buttons, a 5 pound yorkie. They play hard. Thomas gets in a few bites now and then. These 2 became friends when Buttons was a tiny puppy. Thomas still lived outside because he was still a Tomcat and we had just got Buttons. Thomas also has a new friend named Mac, he is a 10 week old German Shepherd. They play too but not like he and Buttons.
Thomas & Buttons, napping buddies
Is there anything else you would like to add about Thomas or yourself?
Thomas has adapted very well to his disability. He is strictly an indoor kitty as he would have no way to defend himself if something attacked him again. I know he wants to go out so bad but I just won’t risk it. When Thomas got hurt,I knew that he had horrific injuries. We also did not have the means to pay for what I knew was going to be a very expensive Vet bill. Putting him to sleep was discussed but I just was not willing to do that. I turned to Facebook and contacted one person I knew and asked for help. It all exploded from there. The kindness of strangers, people I will never meet, donated and all of Thomas’ expenses were paid for. That is why I started Thomas’ page, so these
people who helped him can see how he is doing. I think that is pretty much it. If you have anymore questions just let me know.
Thanks to stranger's generosity he was spared a worse fate, thank you!
Thanks for your interest in Thomas’ story
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Cindy, Thomas’ caretaker for sharing his story, you can follow him on his facebook page – Thomas the Special Needs Kitty 
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  1. What a great story about thomas!! He is a gorgeous boy & I am glad her found a forever home despite his injury/disability. Well done to Cindy for adopting Thomas & giving hima 2nd chance. Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  2. OMP (Oh my pig!) He’s adorable. He looks like one of the purr things here – Hemi. So cute! XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Don’t tell Hemi I said that okay.

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