Extra Love Needed: Spot the Seizure Cat

I'm a dapper mancat in my bowtie
I’m a dapper mancat in my bowtie


How old are you?

Well, we aren’t quite sure but we think that I was born in the summer of 2010, so I am about 3 1/2 years old.

Where did your name come from?

Mommy isn’t very creative when it comes to naming her fur babies. She names us based on our looks or on the way we act. I just happen to have several big black spots on me therefore I became known as Spot.

How did you find your forever home?

Mommy is the known cat lady of the neighborhood so she thinks that somebody dumped me and my family in her yard. I was the friendliest so I stuck around. My mama moved to a neighbors as did my brofur, Fatty White & Gray(another example of mommy’s naming skills) and my sisfur, Callie, still lives here as well but she is lives in the garage and is still a bit on the wild side.

When did you first have your first seizure?

Mommy thinks that I have been having seizures since I was probably about 6 months old. She would often see me outside and one side of my face would be really dirty and my back end would be dirty and smell like pee and mommy would wonder what I had gotten in to. When I was about 8 months old mommy started to bring me into the house and that’s when she actually saw me have a seizure and then she realized that I had been having them for a while. You see, when I have a seizure I flop onto my side and salivate, a lot! I also pee pee on my self. This is why my face and hind end gets dirty and why my back end smells like pee.

I'm lucky to have a good home and a loving forever family
I’m lucky to have a good home and a loving forever family

Do the vets know what causes them?

The vets did blood tests and gave me antibiotics to kill possible parasites that can cause seizures but none of the meds worked. The vets just say that I am epileptic, unknown cause. We don’t have a feline neurologist here in our town but I did go and see an internal medicine specialists. He said that we could spend a lot of green papers and have a brain scan done but it may not show anything and even if it did that there was probably nothing that we could do. I may have had an injury or a parasite that did damage to my brain before I took any meds to kill it.

What do your humans do when you start to have one?

When I am having a seizure mommy just strokes my fur and tells me that’s it’s going to be okay. Fortunately they do not last long, less than a minute. After the seizure is over I am really hungry and really lovable.

Are you currently on medication to control the seizures?

Yes, I take liquid Phenobarbital twice a day. I used to take 3 mils twice a day, the exact same stuff that humans would take, but it was pretty disgusting and just having to take it was stressing me out and making me an unhappy kitty. Last August mommy started having my meds made by a compounding pharmacy. They concentrate the dosage down so that I take 1 mil twice a day and they also flavor it, I prefer the bacon and fish flavors combined.

How often do you visit the vet for check ups?

I have to have my Phenobarbital levels checked every 6 months. I also have my liver checked at this time because over time the Phenobarbital can cause liver damage.

How many fursibilings do you live with?

Oh boy, can I plead the 5th? MOL! Nah, I’ll tell you, there are 15 of us here. I have a vast fur family! I can tell you that most of us adopted mommy.

Spot & Itty Bitty
Spot & Itty Bitty

We found her and convinced her to love us and that she could not live without us and so here we are, in our furever home.

The oldest of us are my two sisfurs, Twitch and ChubChubs, they are 11 years old.


We had an older sisfur, her name is Kelly and she went to the Rainbow Bridge on February 27, 2013, she was almost 19 years old.

The youngest of us are what we refer to as “The Kittens”, they are not really kittens anymore though, they are 2 years old. Their mama was a stray, possibly my blood sisfur, we’re not sure though. She was pretty wild and would only come around to eat. She ended up having her kittens in a neighbors yard but brought them into our garage through the pet door when they were a week or so old. Once The Kittens were about 8 weeks old mommy caught their mama and had her spayed,. Mommy tried to keep her inside with her kittens but she escaped and ran away a couple of weeks after she was spayed. We saw her a few times after that but then she just vanished, hopefully somebody took her in. Mommy had the best of intentions to find The Kittens homes but they worked their magic on her and she fell in love with them so here they stay. They are all Tuxedo cats and they LOVE me to death! OMC, a couple of them even try to nurse on me sometimes, I mean, I’m a boy for goodness sakes! The Phenobarbital makes me a pretty mellow guy though so I don’t mind, I am their Uncle Spottie after all. MOL!

One of the Tuxedo Kittens, Little Stripe
One of the Tuxedo Kittens, Little Stripe

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love chasing the laser pointer, I will catch it someday! I also Love going out in the garage and visiting with my outdoor brofur, Clem and my sisfur, Callie.

What would you or your family like to say about your seizures?

When mommy discovered my seizures she was very scared and we even saw this one vet that said that seizure cats don’t live very long. We started my Facebook page so that we could learn about cats with seizures and we have learned a lot! We have heard from many folks that have or had kitties with seizures and their kitties are living long good lives.

What are some of the warning signs other pet owners can spot (hehe) in their pets?

If your kitty is having seizures and they live indoors then you will notice them for sure, if your kitty lives outside then please look for the dirty face and behind. There are lots of videos on YouTube that show cats having seizures and there are many different kinds of seizures also. Please do your research to learn more. If you think that your kitty may be having seizures take them to the vet right away.

I'm quite the handsome mancat if I do say so myself
I’m quite the handsome mancat if I do say so myself

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like Everypawdy to know that we special needs kitties are just that – Special! We take a little extra care but we are so worth it! I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the best things to ever come into mommy’s life! MOL!

Much Love to You!

~ Spot the Seizure Cat

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Spot  for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page named Spot the Seizure Cat.
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  1. Spot, I hope once the vets will find a cure what helps to avoid seizures. I’m glad you have a fabulous family what is always there for you. many thanks for a great interview!

  2. I think your spots are gorgeous, and I think you are very brave. Your mom sounds really kind and smart to be able to take such good care of you and all your furbrothers and fursisters.

    Love and licks,

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