Extra Love Needed Pets

Interviews with pets that need extra care or love

Author’s Note:  What started with an idea on March 1, 2013 turned into a recurring theme. Below are the links of the pets I’ve interviewed that need  additional care and love.

 I want to thank Miss Ann from Pawisitively Pets for the awesome badge…I love it. Please visit her and tell her thank you from me!


28 Replies to “Extra Love Needed Pets”

    1. Thanks. I’ve done some articles on them in the past. I really wanted to spread the word and show that those that are labeled as “unadoptable” just need extra love and patience. I am in awe of the dedication of many of the pet guardians who care for their pets.

  1. It is very important to bring attention to “scratch and dent” pets as I call them. I am the proud owner of a blind kitten that is having corrective surgery to straighten her twisted hind legs at the moment. It is a great thing that you are bringing attention to.

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