Extra Love Needed: Misfit the Blind Dog


How old are you?

I am almost 2 years old. My birthday is August 23rd. 🙂

Where did your name come from? 

My name came from the idea of me and my page removing the bad connotation that comes along with being a Misfit. A lot of people will look over the “misfits” (animals with special needs, disabilities, diseases, etc.) in a shelter and makes it harder for them to find a forever home. But my moms and I believe that all animals deserve a chance and we are “special, not needy.”

Were you born blind or did your lose your sight? 

I was born blind along with 2 others in my litter, but they didn’t make it.

How did you come to find your forever home? 

One of my moms, Morgan, her sister gave me to her after seeing the other blind pups didn’t make it. The dog mom killed the other blind litter mates and she didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. Morgan ended up dating, and marrying, my other mom, Dana, and now we live as a big happy family.


Do you have any fursiblings you live with? 

I do have a kitty brother named Willis. He doesn’t treat me differently, but I don’t really understand what he is so I always try to chase him. Because of that, we are usually in different spots of the house! No injuries have occurred or anything, we just keep to ourselves!

Is there anything you can’t do?

There isn’t much I can’t do and if I’m hesitant, my moms usually help me through it. I had problems with the stairs for a while but with perseverance (and gold fish) I can now run up and down them faster than my moms. We got a new A frame in our dog park and I wasn’t so sure of it at first, but my moms used a tennis ball to help me over it and i did it!!

How do you plan on celebrating your birthday?

We’re gonna go to the dog park and then my moms having at party for me at my house!! We’re gonna have a cookout and my very own birthday cake.


What are you favorite things to do?

My favorite things to do are going on a walk, going to the dog park, going for car rides and going swimming! Oh and getting treats of course.

What is your favorite type of weather? 

My favorite weather to walk in is overcast, with low humidity. If it’s too sunny I get too hot too fast and the humidity makes me pant a lot.

Misfit’s mom: Is there anything else you would like to add about Misfit? 

​Although Misfit can’t see he does get around just fine. We could change the layout of a room and he would have it memorized in 20 minutes. It’s almost like he doesn’t forget anything you show him. At the dog park, he uses the sound of the other dog’s tags jingling together and their pa​nting in order to run with them and find them. He was born blind due to a disease that caused his eyes not to form the whole way. He doesn’t have a pupil. He knows a lot of words including dog park, walk, willis, memom, car ride, etc. He will play with any toy at all, whether it squeaks or not, whether or not it has stuffing in it, soft or hard. Misfit was very easy to potty train, he knows the word potty and will go on command. He’s very talkative, always responds to our voices with a whine or bark or sigh. And brings us his toys so he can chew on them in our lap. He’s fond of sitting on people, whether it be on their lap, foot, or back. He has been the best thing to happen to both of us, he’s our son and we love him with all our heart. We also run fundraisers on his facebook page (fb/misfittheblinddog) and so far we have raised approx. $1800 for our dog park (Worthington Off Leash Dog Park) and about $1300 for a dog with a broken jaw that needed and still needs surgery (fb/babymorganthebrokenjawpuppy)

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Misfit & his mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission.


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