Extra Love Needed: Meet Trooper

Good Evening Sir Trooper,
Baby Trooper
Thank you so much for wanting to be interviewed.
Thank mew for having me.  How exciting this is!
Your little life had such a such a sad beginning, how are you doing now?
It has been a rough going. It started out very bad.  I was so cold when momcat took my brothers & sisters away and didn’t come back for me!  I cried and cried as LOUD AS I COULD for hours in the early frosty morning.  She never came back (mew-hoo).  After a couple of hours the humans came out and found me.  I had been stuffed under an upside down canoe with the rest of my siblings in some leaves near a pond, but I had started to slide down the hill towards the pond and no longer had any cover to keep me warm.
Once the humans (now mom & dad) took me inside, they wrapped me up to warm me and bought a bottle & kitten milk and fed me around the clock every 2 hrs for weeks until I became stronger.  Unfortunately my legs developed terrible abscesses within a month or so which the vet said were probably due to parasites getting under my skin while I was outside.  When they x-rayed me, the vet found I had no hips!  This was not apparent at first because I crawled and had not started walking yet.  The abscesses got SO bad that they damaged the bones in my legs and deformed them (mew-hoo) so now my right front leg is bent backwards, my left front leg is slightly curved and my back legs are slightly off as well.  I am unable to sit like a regular cat and walk awkwardly at best.  I get around by running like a hopping rabbit.  I cannot jump up, but have learned to climb somewhat and can sort of jump down from small heights.  When I was younger I would try to jump down from whatever I was on and was constantly injuring my legs & side.  Mom was a wreck and started buying pillows to put all over the floors to save me.
Trooper on his "throne"
Nowadays I usually just rest on My Throne in the kitchen (kitchen chair).  Sometimes I climb up on the kitchen table, much to moms dismay, but don’t do much more than sleep.  I like to play sometimes, but just really do not like to be held or hang out in other rooms, other than My Kitchen.  Being held makes me uncomfortable and mom is always picking me up and squishing me because she cannot resist my super soft kitten-fur.
How many fursiblings do you live with?
My original family consisted of my twin sister Bandit who was taken in by mom a year ago due to grave illness, and Stripey who turned out perfectly healthy and lives outside.  I had a grey sibling, but I don’t know what happened to them.  I never saw them again after they got moved by momcat.  I now live with Aunt Pickles who is the family matriarch, Aunt Spooky who has also contracted Feline Calcivirus from my sister Bandit, Aunt Stumpy (who has no tail!), Aunt Stumpy’s son Squishy, then there’s Big Tux, Uggy, and our latest arrival, Trouble.  So that makes 8.
How do all of your get along?
I pretty much ignore everybody and remain on My Throne, but have no quarrels with anyone except mom who tries to bathe me, take me to the V-E-T, or scares me half to death with the evil vacuum monster.
Does anyone treat you different?
I get special treatment because I cannot get around normally.  When I was smaller, I had my own low-profile litter box so I could easily climb in.  I get expensive Iams canned food  for better nutrition since I was so sickly when I was younger.  Mom has since tried to wean me off it and on to “regular” canned food like the other guys eat, but I’m not hearing it.  Furniture gets moved around lots because I’m always trying to climb high places.  I have boxes I use as steps so I can get onto My Throne in the kitchen.  Mom throws big fluffy bed pillows all over the kitchen floor when I get in my “climb the kitchen table” mood, in case I fall off.
Trooper gets dryer treatment after a bath
What causes your fur to be “crunchy”?
Not sure.  Originally it was due to the stupid fleas the other guys would bring in, but now I believe it is due to the very dry conditions in our house.  My Aunt Stumpy, who I believe is a sister to my cat-dad and whom I take after also has this skin problem.  It gets very scaly and cracked.  Mom runs a humidifier, but it doesn’t help.  The shampoo/bath has made an improvement, but don’t tell mom.
Did you get treats and pets for tolerating the bath?
After The Bath I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  Mom kept making baby talk noises about being a “good boy” but I was not hearing it!  NOW she is intimating about this becoming a WEEKLY event.  I don’t THINK so! (Although my skin is way better and my fur super soft now…)
Do you take any other medications now?
I was on Amoxi-Drops about 2 weeks ago because of  my aggravating skin condition and having diarrhea, but that has since gone away.
What is your favorite thing to do?
I rule the kitchen from My Throne and all who enter it.  Most of my time is spent sleeping.
Young Trooper the worried
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself of your family?
Mom is a big softy who cannot turn anyone away.  Dad is no better as he lets her bring us all in.  My feral family (Murphy-mom-cat, Buster-dad-cat, Brother Stripey, Step-sister Mini-Murph, Timmy-Tim, and 2 new kittens (and the occasional Mystery-cat) that showed up recently all are watered and fed daily by mom.  They often take refuge under my house when the weather gets bad.  Mom has also created a Rubbermaid tub shelter right outside the door for anyone to take emergency shelter if needed.  It is running us broke, but we manage.

Author’s Note: Many Thanks to Trooper and his mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. This post is a part of the Extra Love needed Theme. For more on pets that need extra love, please click the badge below.

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