Extra Love Needed: Meet Trip & Yoga

Trip loves her crinkle balls
Trip, how old are you?
I am 9 months old. My birthday is April 20.
Where did your name come from?
A lot of CH kitties have cute names like Tipsy and Wobbles, and Mom wanted something unique that sorta fit my personality and condition. I trip all over myself when I’m excited about something!
How did you come to your forever family?
My catmom was an outside kitty. My first humanmom realized I was different than my siblings and took me to see a doctor. They told her with my condition I wouldn’t survive outside on my own. So she began searching for a rescue that would take me in. She found my mom on Petfinder and explained the situation. My Mom has a soft spot for special needs animals, so she was excited about fostering me. But it didn’t take long for her to realize she wasn’t going to let me go, and I was really thriving here, so I went from being a foster kid to being a purr-manent member of the family!
Can you or your mom explain what CH is?
CH stands for Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It is a condition in which the cerebellum, the part of my brain that controls my motor skills, is underdeveloped. It is something I was born with, and it won’t ever get better, but it won’t ever get worse either. When I was really little I had a hard time sitting up, and didn’t walk very much at all. But with time, we CH kitties learn to adapt and cope with our wobbles and shakes, and I am walking better and farther every day!
Do you need any physical therapy to help you walk better?
The best PT for CH is play, play, play!!! Playtime helps strengthen my muscles and gets me moving. Mom and Dad built me a cart when I was an itty bitty kitty, and I used it a little, but I didn’t really care for it, and usually did better without it.
Trip's close up
Do your fursiblings treat you differently?
Mostly everyone treats me pretty well here. Sometimes I think my movements confuse my “normal” fursiblings. But they’ve really accepted me since I’ve been here. My sister Popcorn mothers me and grooms me. But my BFF is definitely Yoga.
Yoga, how old are you?
I am about 10 months old.
Photo: Sleepin' 'n Smilin' ~Y
Where did your name come from?
Mom named me Yoga because of my super straight paralyzed back legs, and the sometimes crazy positions I put them in.
How did you end up a part of the family?
I was found severely injured, with a broken pelvis, severed spine, and big open wounds. I am also unable to go to the bathroom on my own. I went home with Mom so she could help me potty over the weekend while the awesome vet clinic I was staying at was closed. And she never took me back! She enjoyed having me here, and like Trip, was thinking she would find me a good forever home once I was healed. But I bonded pretty quickly with Trip, and Mom realized she was really attached to me….. So I get to live here too!
Yoga & Trip
I’ve seen a few pictures of you wearing clothes, is it only when it’s cold?
I have quite an assortment of pants, and socks, and even some shirts! Because I scoot around on my butt, I wear a diaper to keep my bum clean. The pants are so I don’t develop sores on my legs from scooting them on the floors/furniture. The socks I wear when I’m in my cart so I don’t make my feet sore, and the shirts are strictly for Mom’s entertainment. 🙂
May I ask how you became paralyzed?
I don’t really remember that day. It all happened so fast. But my best guess is I was either hit by a car, or maybe attacked by an animal bigger than me. I’m just not sure…..
Do you use your wheels often?
I do! I’ve gotten really comfortable in my wheels. Plus, I think I look pretty great in hot pink! Though I can get around really well without them, Mom thinks it’s good for me to get up into a more natural position when I can.
I saw a video with you chasing your tail, have you caught it yet?
That tail! I know it’s back there…. but every time I turn around to grab it…. it runs!
What about that pesky red dot?
I don’t think ANYONE has ever caught that red dot!!!! It drives me crazy!!
How many siblings do you both live with?
We have each other, and 5 “normal” kitty brothers and sisters. We also have a dog sister…. and there’s a tortoise that lives here too! We love to follow her around the house, and touch her shell when Mom’s not looking. She feels neat! We have one human brother. He’s 14, and is great to us kitties. We have a pigeon foster brother right now too, he was injured so he’s staying here til he gets better. Mom won’t let us play with him, and we think that’s really not fair!
Yoga's all dressed up
Is they anything else you would like to share about yourselves or your family?
We want people to know that pets that aren’t perfect can still make the perfect pet! Depending on their individual needs, they can take a lot of time and patience….. Yoga needs her bladder and bowels manually expressed, she wears diapers and clothes (which are cute, but they are also an added ‘chore’ to her daily care!), and she can’t be left alone for long periods of time during the day like other kitties can, so she gets to go to work with me on my longer days. Trip can’t use a regular litterbox, so we use puppy pads instead, and she also has some stomach sensitivities so she can’t have any old bag of cat food and we are feeding her a grain free diet with probiotic and canned food twice a day. So they take some effort…..But for someone that has the time to give, they are definitely worth it!!!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Trip & Yoga and their mom for answering all the questions I could think of (and more!). Pictures & Videos were used with permission. You can find the entire family on their facebook page Trip the CH Kitty & Yoga the Disabled Kitty.
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