Extra Love Needed: Meet Sheldon “chubs” Broken Jaw Kitty

Mr. Sheldon
Mr. Sheldon, may I ask how old are you? 
My age is approx 3 yrs old.
My mommy and the rescue did an estimate of when they found me and when mommy got me as a foster. The vet also tried to estimate too but with only 1 full tooth, couple broken and rest gone it was hard to judge so they look at other things to judge. My birthday/adoption day is July 31 2012 & i wasnt quite a yr old yet only about 10 mos. we think but we just let that be my birthday.
Where did your name come from?
My name came from mommy and daddy favorite show, mine too. “The Big Bang Theory” Sheldon Cooper, my nickname is Chubs or Chubber wubbers my daddys favorite name for me. My mommy tried many names from the Disney movies but i didnt respond to any of them, then she tried Sheldon and I  perk up, ears moved so she knew that Sheldon was my name. She lets her kids pick there names if at all possible. Chubs come from cuz Im nice and solid and little on the chunky side, mol..
How did you find your forever home?
How I found my furever home, where to begin. mommy volunteers for a rescue call Pet Angel Cat Adoptions & REscue, MI. 1 day the owner called and asked if mommy would consider fostering, at that time she was just cleaning the rescue. Mommy always wanted to move up to fostering. So she said yes little did she know she was getting such a emotional case. Owner told her that the kitty been at the rescues Vet for a month cuz it was abused and beaten by kids so it was now well enough to go to foster home, so the kitty could learn to trust homans again and just be loved. So she drove almost an hour to pick me up not knowing if she was going to have a mean kitty or what. What was even amazing she took me in while she had a very sick furkid that was my older brofur for 15 days before he passed Cody, he was dying of Kidney failure something that is common in older kitties and he was 20 yrs old. she was giving him fluid treatments everynite and still found time to take me in. Anyway she waited all afternoon at this crazy vet that doesnt have appts or order but anyway to get me. She found me being kept in a cat carrier and she was even more heart broken guess they didnt have room anymore for the last few days & were trying to help the rescue by keeping me but they didnt mommy said cause I was in a carrier not a cage. I was so filty and covered in a fecal matter. Mommy drove me home and was so furious cause here i went through this dramatic event and then I go thru more while in a drs care. She let the rescue know. things were taken care of on that end just leave at that. but when mommy got me home, I was so gross oh and mommy was worried cause i didnt say a word at this point so she knew I was sad. She was upset cause she knew the first thing she was going to have to do was give me a bath and she didnt want me dramatize more but it had to be done. But when she started to give me the bath it felt so good and I knew this woman was helping me, I didnt even fight just hugged her and let her clean me up. She dried me and put me on Daddys lap and at that moment Daddy said he knew he wasnt going to let me go. He knew I was special and that I was not going to go to the rescue and be put in a cage or anything and take a chance of maybe adoption. Mommy knew this was her first foster so she waited before she gave in, she also wanted to take care of Cody and my other brofur Stevie. She found out that could eat both wet and dry food if the dry food was small enough. I just happy to eat. The final step that really won my furever home, is the Day my brofur Cody gave me a blessing like he was happy i was here. Mommy says Cody knew his time was short and that he guided me to them somehow, so my mommy would have someone to love & cuddle with like she did with Cody. Stevie is in own boy, cant push him into things. But me im alot like my brofur Cody, I luv to Cuddle with mommy and go places with her. So guess Cody is in a way inside of me. Mommy always says he is. So when she say Cody cuddle with me and welcome me to the house the next day I was officially adopted. then for 15 days I learn from Cody so many wise things and what to do when mommy is really sick. She has a very bad illness that takes her away from us sometimes almost killed her 3 times. Cody was her life saver and now I am.
Sheldon loves his cuddles
How many fursiblings to you live with?
I have 1 older brofur Stevie Yzerman , 7 yrs old, and now the newest member also was a foster but had kittens they were adopted but mommy and daddy fell in luv with the little princess, never saw it coming they said what did it for them on her was she just click with us boys. Sisfur  Pepper 11 mos old, (had babies at 6 mos way to young) nicknames for Pepper are Girly, munckin. Stevie nicknames are Little Shit, LOL!! he really gives mommy a hard time. story for another time. lol
Do they treat you any different?
I wouldnt say I’m treated any different, cause we are all very spoiled. We have grandparents that literally see us a grandkids cause that is how mommy and daddy represent us to them. we give them cards and gifts etc. See mommy wasnt and cant have kids cause of her illness and cant adopt cause she cant stay healthy enough or strong enough to take care of a child. so we are her kids. I am the only one that luvs car rides and going to events for the rescue and shopping. also luv my walks in my stroller and by leash in the yard. But we all luv walks with the leash in the yard and we are finding out Pepper likes to go in the stroller too. Stevie hate  small places so he hates car rides, stroller hey any door shut he freaks so hes weird that way. lol.  I also luv my cat habitat outside but the other 2 not so much. we all luv spending time at grandma & grandpa M., get very spoil there. They are my mommy parents they are usually our babysitters. One thing I might say is mommy always makes sure I have the treats that I can eat the other ones are too hard or big and my jaw wont let me eat them. So maybe that way I treated special. Its hard for her find them lately too, Friskies puff kind, all kind of crunch ones but not too many puffs out there. even goes to Amazon
Are you on medications or require a special diet?
I am not really on a special diet, sensitive to the tummy for the fur issue helps me cause I cant bring fur like my siblings. My jaw and area surrounded are out of line so I cant get the muscle to do what they should. so its not fun. I eat half wet food and dry food small morsels. As I said about I eat only friskies puff treats cause they are small enough and soft enough too. I only get a shot in the butt when I get an infection in my mouth. it happen several times a year cause my jaw isnt align and my food doesnt get chewed up right, I more prone to get infection in mouth. Its been more under control the last year cause mommy knows what to look for, so she gets me to the Vet & he does his magic.
Do you have a hard time eating/drinking?
I dont have a problem drinking or eating it just takes me longer time to chew my food and what mommy has told me I makes a big mess cause have the food falls out of my mouth or I splatter it all over the wall or floor. You definitely know when I have been in the food bowl and water dish. Vet has told my mommy that with my jaw popping more that I might have to be on certain soft food when I get older. but not worry about right now.
Is there anything your mom does to keep you healthy?
My siblings keep me healthy by chasing me around the house. Mommy just always makes sure Im very loved and that I know that homans are good again. Everything she does for me and my siblings is make sure we are loved and stay healthy and alive for as long as possible. we go for our yearly Vet checkups. We luv our Vet, he is awesome. Gives us food that doesn’t upset out tummy. Stevie has a big problem there, its his age. lol! She brushes us, walks us and toys so many toys. LOVES US SO MUCH!!
What is your favorite thing to do?
I have a lot of favorite things! Cuddling with mommy & Daddy!!, napping, playing with my toys the Cats Meow and my race track ( i have to share with Pepper, yucky) , catnip, oh yes catnip toys kickroos.., walking with mommy in the stroller, car rides,  Meeting Humans at the Rescue events or furkids(and getting the message out about abuse), going to Grandma & Grandpa M. & noms noms(treats), ok playing with my brofur and sisfur is fun too.
Miss Michelle, what advice would you give to other pet parents whose pet requires extra love & care?
One thing I would say is just show that furkid that you love it no matter what. Once the bond is formed between the 2 of u or however many. They kind of guide you of how they want to heal and how fast. Sheldon was very timid of other people when he came to our house. would never show himself to even my parents for months after he was adopted. But yet he was around us non stop when it was just Daddy & I. so I worked on his confidence, everyday or week we would do a new adventure. It could be a walk in the back yard or just sit outside. Then I would just have my mom come over, and they got to know each other and Dad, so forth. with in a month time he wouldn’t hide when someone came into our house. He would check them out and then decide if he wanted to meet them. Sometimes he would do on his own, others times he would the comfort of my arms. Soon he didn’t need my comfort at all. He was my confident little boy. He still skittish around young boys. I can hold him and he will at least sniff them out and that is a good sign cause last yr he would run so fast it made me sad cause we have friends that have young boys and I know they love my other furkids. so I know they will not harm him. but its cause he was beaten by young boys and he still remembers that. I don’t care what you say, these furkids know and have feelings just like us. I will forever be his voice and he knows that. I have found a lot awesome friends on Sheldon Facebook pg that have special furkids and they too just loved their furkids for who they are! They will blossom so much! I love seeing Sheldon at an Event for Adoption! people just flock to him cause he just so loving. I cant say I did all that, he did but I help him to come out of his shell and see that most of the world isn’t so bad. We are team. Hope that’s a good answer and I don’t sound stupid.
Is there a support group that you are a part of?
I don’t belong to exact support group. There are several people facebook that we talk thru our furkids pages. Its a tight community and we have become close some of us. We help each other with the rescue stuff and get word out of abuse and how its wrong and be the voice of these furkids and TNR events. Every furkids deserve a chance is basically what our little circle believes and supports through our furkids pages. Yes they are for fun and to make everyone smile too but we are spreading importants things about our animals thru them in a non threatening way. Like Sheldon pg “Sheldon “chubs”-broken jaw kitty/love dont abuse animals” He happy on his pg doing his adventures but he also let you know about the importance of Rescues and TNR (trap, neuter, release)program and any abuse that needs to be told.
Hugs and Headbonks ,puuurrrssss
Sheldon and mommy Michelle
This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Cody. You will always be loved. Fly free sweetie.
Here’s what Miss Michelle had to say about him:
Yes you can do a dedication on Cody, he passed on Aug 15, 2012 and he was 20 yrs old. My husband & I have been with each other for 23 yrs now and Cody was with us almost out entire relationship dating and marriage. We will be married for 12 yr in Aug. It was a hard one to loose Cody, but I promised him I would not let him be in pain and he would let us know when he was done fighting. Our Cody did let us know, and I know he is still with us. Do you know I still find a furball of his hair just in the middle of somewhere in our house, just out of no where. its like a sign from him saying Hi Mommy just wanted to say Hi. Its so freaky. Cause know of kids now have that kinda of hair. Oh and both me and hubby have felt him jump on the bed like he always did. no cat when we look. So now I feel like Im going nuts. But lucky me others have been there too. so we are all crazy together. lol! Dont know why I told you that story. I have to think about if there something else I would like to share. I know 1 day I would like to tell the whole story of Sheldon Abuse story but I still cry and get mad all the above. I just cried talking about Cody.

Author’s Note: I want to thank Miss Michele & Sheldon for letting me ask so many questions. Pictures were used with permission, please take a moment to drop by his Facebook page – Sheldon “chubs”- Broken Jaw Kitty.
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  1. Sheldon you are amazing…to have such love after such cruelty…you are the reason us animal peeps keep going in a cruel and sometimes unforgiving world…a wonderful interview and we wish you the longest life and the best of health with your beautiful family …..Peace love and whiskers wonderful 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. We have to shed a tear now too, even if we know that Cody is still with you and that you, Sheldon are allright now. You must have been send by an angel..no, YOU are the Angel. Healing Pawkisses to all of you <3 <3

  3. It’s great to meet you, Mr. Sheldon. I’m so glad you found a fabulous name and a wonderful furever home. That’s like a miracle and you deserved it. I’m sad that Cody had to go I bet he was the bestest cat brother ever.

  4. Thankz uz for letting me tell my story! I hope u likey & I meet even more pawsome friends! Hugz & headbonkz, puuurrzzz Sheldon

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s wonderful how things have worked out. And wishing Michelle good health!

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