Extra Love Needed: Meet Scraps


How old is Scraps?

Scraps is approximately 2 years 9 months.

Where did his name come from?

He received his name from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Mississippi and it just stuck.  I also call him Scrappy (he is!) and Scrapalicious :-).

Did you meet Scraps at the shelter or did you see his picture online first?

I had never met Scraps in person until I picked him up from a transport in Live Oak, Florida. How I ended up adopting him has turned into a funny story between my friends and I. I saw his picture on the SPAS facebook page and they said he had been adopted but returned because he was blind. Due to the cats at SPAS being in a kitty condo all together they had no idea he was blind. I commented on the photo saying how sad it was that he was returned and that if I lived closer I would adopt him. My comment spread like wild fire and people were celebrating me adopting him and a transport was scheduled. I start out telling the story about how I was “railroaded”! LOL. So, there I was driving 13 hours (traffic in Central Florida…ugh) round trip for Scraps.

Was he born blind or did something happen to his eyesight?

My vet says he was born blind. I believe he sees shadows and definitely bright lights as he loves to look into the light.

Is this your first blind cat?

He is my first blind cat, although I have owned cats for years and Scraps is number 3 as I have 2 other cats.

What advice would you have for someone adopting a blind cat?

My advice for adopting a blind cat is DO IT! He is amazing and fearless. Special needs? Absolutely not. He gets along with my other cats and he can hold his own! He actually chases my one sighted cat throughout the house and catches him!

Did you watch is every move when he was first brought to the house?

I did not watch his every move as I knew he would be fine. Animals are so resilient.

How long did it take him to “map” the house?

He walked into things but soon mapped out the house like a pro. He saunters so he isn’t running head first into furniture.

What toys does he like to play with?

 He loves balls…balls with bells, soft balls, ping pong balls…all balls. He also loves small stuffed animals. If he can’t find me he will pick up a stuffed animal and walk through the house with it in his mouth crying. I also find the animals and soft balls by the door when I come home. Too cute!

Does he require any additional care?

 He requires no additional care at all. He’s a normal cat! He can get up on the vanity in my bathroom…toilet seat to the tank to the counter. He’s amazing! He gets on the table on the patio…feels first with his front paws, jumps up then slowly on the table.

Is there anything else you would like to say about him or adopting blind cats in general?

Animals are so loving but rescue animals are so grateful and they let you know it. I was a bit concerned about Scraps being blind but by the second day I thought…what is MY problem because this cat is perfectly fine! I put him in the litter boxes immediately upon arriving home and he has never not gone in them or missed them. He is brazen and more playful than my sighted cats. He loves to chew on towels so he has his own wash cloth in the bathroom that he removes from the towel rack once he’s on the vanity. I say, if you want to adopt a cat, do it! Whether they are sighted, blind or have 3 legs it doesn’t matter. Scraps is no more work than my other cats.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Michelle, Scraps’ mom for letting me ask questions about him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Scraps on his facebook page Scraps Blind and Beautiful.

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