Extra Love Needed: Meet Sara “Bright Eyes”

How old is Sara?

I don’t KNOW how old Sara is for sure, but when I signed the adoption application on Friday (dec)13th 2013, they estimated her age to be a year old.

How did she come to you?

I had been very sick because of an abscesses tooth. I don’t do well with doctors and dentists BUT this particular dentist was so sweet and patient with me I was very grateful. In the course of the very long appt, a the topic of a stray cat hanging around outside her building came up and I being a cat person told her of local no kill shelters and to call me if she didn’t have any luck getting help or placing her. She texted me the next night to tell me that the maintenance man had taken the cat to the Humane Society! Our Humane Society really does try to help the furry souls under it’s care, but in truth, I feel that being in a cage scared possibly exposed to common shelter illnesses is never an ideal situation for an animal! The universe had been particularly kind to me that week in finding a kind understanding dentist among other things, I wanted to give something back. So I went to the Humane Society and found the cat in question and proceeded to adopt her.

Do you have any other pets in the house?

We have many pets between us, the male Human and I, both cats and dogs. I also have many Putnam Death Row rescues I’m fostering until they are ready and find their forever homes. And a true ” cat person” never tells you how many in terms of numbers..

A sampling of the cat family…Mica, Cleokatra, Zander, Collin and Panda


How often did you have to syringe feed her?

syringe fed Sara intensely for at least a month. She just would/could not eat. But she was so good for me she made it a lot easier on me than it could have been! She also got sub q fluids at home every other day for about 2 weeks with the help of my neighbor who works in the health care field. Sara did back slide a bit at one point and I had to supplement what she ate on her own with more syringe feedings. Hard to say exactly but 1-2 months of syringe feeding depending on her intake on her own.

May I ask what you fed her?

I fed her Royal Canin AD that whole and she still has an aversion to it now! She always wants to know what it is I have, but I open a can of that for another cat, she can’t get away quick enough!

Sara showing off her beautiful coat


How is she doing now?

She is doing very well except for one unexplained condition. Several months ago she started having bald spots on her head, then it progressed to around her neck and to other parts of her body. I of course had my vet examine her to find answer. After $200, the usual tests for the usual suspects, still there is no answer… She was put on a treatment of Advantage Multi every 2 weeks for 7 weeks… It seemed to work but she still has some hair loss on her hind quarters that needs to grow back. This time though, I think she is over grooming because she might be sensitive to flea bites which all my Death Row rescues from Putnam had. I’m still combating that problem because the kittens were to young to dose with flea meds…

Sara, once only 6.5 lbs is now about 11lbs. She still is weird about food but has turned out to be a cheese and pasta addict and she still will only drink running water from the sink or her fountains that were donated to her by her FB friends on our Page

How can people help?

I have another Page Passionflower Haven which is devoted to saving lives off Death Row in Putnam County. I intend to pull as many as I reasonably can and find forever homes for them or participate in the foster program at  the Humane Society until they are ready to be vetted and adopted out there. This is new to me. I am still learning what works and making connections. I need help though. The people of our pages, both Sara’s and passionflower are caring generous folks who donate whenever they can to help me save these lives. I wish I knew a lawyer or tax person to help me set up the. 501 (c)3 thing for non profit status. I’d like to do it, but haven’t the time or attention span to do it myself currently. Like Sara, these poor souls in Putnam just need a chance to feel secure, be loved, and thrive.

What would you like to say to people concerned about adopting a pet that needs extra love & care?

As for adopting a special needs pet or one needing some intensive care, it is worth every second of work, loss of sleep, and all your extra $$$. I  feel her love for me so strongly and I know she knows I adore her. We are more than the best of friends. It’s a bond I can’t even describe only to say that we “get” each other in a very deep level. I would most definitely say the animals you put the extra time and care into pay it back to you a thousand fold with their love. They know.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

And I would add, what started out as a mission to save this beautiful soul quickly turned into unexpected joys in so many ways … maintaining her Page, meeting new friends from around the world, and realizing that there is a giant cat (animal) loving community out there that is filled with wonderful caring individuals and groups willing to help those in need and trying to save lives where they can. A lot of the good I can do now or help to do in the future all came to into being for the love of Sara. I am a better person in so many ways for knowing her and loving her and I will be forever grateful for that to those that helped me save her and always to her





Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sara’s mom for sharing her story. Pictures were used with permission. You can find her on Facebook – Saving Sara “Bright Eyes” 

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    1. Thank you so much. I believe we will figure it out and she will attain her full coat soon. And yes, I think she is just gorgeous inside and out <3

    1. Thank you! She does have incredible eyes. In natural light they don’t even look real! And thanks for complimenting my choice in names—-I try to find something different that matches their personalities and individuality. And I listen, sometimes, they tell me, like Sugar Cat did 🙂

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