Extra Love Needed: Meet Saltwater Taffy


How old are you?  

My birfday is June 15, 2013 so I am almost 9 months old

Where did your name come from?  

I fink my Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) must have a sweet tooth… cuz dey named by brubbers and I after sweets – Saltwater Taffy, Caramel Cornelius and Rudy Beer Float.

Do you have any nicknames?  

“TaffTaff” and “The Tafster”

How did you learn how to walk?  

My FM made me a sling when just a wee one to help me walk…. Which I did NOT like…. So I decided I had to put on my big girl panties as the hoomans say and figure it out on my own!

My first picture!  July 8, 2013..
My first picture! July 8, 2013..

When were you officially adopted?  

My new mommy flew out to Philadelphia on January 4th… oops January 5th (bad weather delayed her flight) and brought me home to Minneapolis.  I was such a good girl in my carrier I didn’t make a sound until we landed in Minneapolis and my mommy brought me outside in -25 degree weather with a -42 degree wind chill….. You would make noise too..  Anyways – as I was saying…I gotz to fly home wif my new mommy in First Class!!  Taffy deserves only the best!

How did you find your forever home? 

My new mommy saw an article about me on Catster.com and started following my Facebook page.  After following me for several months she finally wised up and sent in the adoption application to my FM and FD around Thanksgiving – then we began the process of scheduling a time for her to come pick me up!

How many fursiblings do you live with? 

 I have three (3) brubbers…. Silk is the old guy of the family (16.5 yrs old) – he is currently dealing with some medical issues and has to kept separate from the rest of us.  L  Next is Little Guy (7 yrs old) – he is special just like me!  When he was 8 weeks old he had surgery to remove his left rear foot, 1/3 of his right rear leg and 1/3 of his tail.  But he doesn’t let that slow him down at all!!  Lastly we have Groucho (7 yrs old) – he grew up in Foster care with Little Guy and quickly became his protector and caregiver.  He was with Little Guy through his initial surgeries and bandage changes as well as with a second surgery after being adopted by momma… he has earned the nickname of Mr. Mom and it suits him well.

Getting a bath courtesy of Little Guy
Getting a bath courtesy of Little Guy

Do you they treat you different?  

No – not really.  I did take Little Guy some time to warm up to me… I thinks its cuz I tend to lose my balance on occasion and will fall into him.  He doesn’t like that so much… L

What do you like most about your new home? 

 Running up and down the stairs!!  Ooohh – let’s not forget all my new toys… I like my mousies, my feather wands, my catnip kickaroo and… and…. There is too many to list!

Are you able to jump? 

 Yup – I can jump up onto the sofa, and the chairs.  My mommy won’t let me jump up to anything higher… I have kitty steps (OK – Little Guy’s kitty steps) to get up to the bed and then I will sometimes jump down – my mommy doesn’t like that!!

Missing my momma, she's on a business trip..
Missing my momma, she’s on a business trip..

How long did it take for your to settle into your new home?  

Depends on who you ask… I say one day…. Mommy says one week.  I kept trying to escape my “safe” room as the mom calls it.  I was just so excited to meet everyone.  I have no fear so I just went up to Little Guy and sniffed him; he hissed – I moved on to Groucho and sniffed him; he hissed and I moved on… nothing fazes Taffy!

What is your favorite thing to do? 

I love to take naps on my blue blankie… this is the blankie that my FM and FD bought me for my trip to my forever home.  I love to knead and suckle on this blankie as well….  I just love my blue blankie!

What would you or your mom like to say about you and other cats that may need extra love?  

As a hooman slave to two special needs kitties – I would say to go for it!!  Kitties like Taffy and Little Guy don’t think that there is anything “wrong” with them… they like to run around the house, chase toy mice and laser pointers, cuddle and snuggle with their hoomans.  They know where to find their food and water dishes, use the litter box and do everything else that any “normal” kitty would do – they just have their own way of doing it.  Every kitty deserves the chance to have a safe and warm home, enjoy the love and companionship of their “owners” and four-legged siblings.  The only thing that is “special” about them is the unconditional love that they give their owners.

Us "special" pets just need extra love, that's all
Us “special” pets just need extra love, that’s all

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

What advice do you have for people who are concerned about adopting or fostering cats that need extra care?  Do your research but don’t be afraid to care for a kitty with special abilities.  You will be surprised at how well kitties can adapt.  Before I adopted Little Guy (and Taffy) – I researched what their needs were, asked questions to determine if I was capable of meeting their needs (such as Little Guy – needing kitty steps to get onto furniture etc.).  Be patient!  It may take a new kitty with special needs to adapt to your home.  Especially those who are blind or deaf as they may be easily startled in new surroundings.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to the wonderful Miss Saltwater Taffy for answering the questions. Also thanks to her forever mom and FD (Foster dad) & FM (foster mom) for taking this wonderful little girl into their home. You can keep up with her on her facebook page – Saltwater Taffy, the lobster claw kitty.

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  1. That was a Lovely write-up about you,Taffy.I have ‘followed’ you from Day 1 and watched you Grow in to the Special Cat that you Are!
    I Do Hope you are Happy in your Forever Home.I Know How Much you Loved FM and FD.I Miss them Both.
    Lots of Love from Me and Willow,my little dog xx

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