Extra Love Needed: Meet Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

Is this thing on? Oh.. hi!

How old are you?

1 year and a few months my birthday is April 12,2013

Where did your name come from?

the vet gave me this name because no matter how much in pain I was, I always had a purr for everybody, hence the spelling difference πŸ˜€

How did you find your forever home?

Once I had my surgery (s), I was released to Kitty Angels of CT to find a home. My momma found me and fell head over heals in love right away. She didn’t try for me because she felt there might be a better home out there for me, my first adoption fell through, momma saw this at work on her phone and contacted KA right away. she felt she was given a 2nd chance and refused to pass it up! Lucky for me!!

I’m so lucky, I have my own momma to follow around and help

How many fur siblings do you live with?
2 fur sisters and 3 fur brothers

How long did it take to recovery from your prolapsed rectum?

About 4 months, I came there at 4 months and momma adopted me at 8 months.

Did you need medication or therapy?
There was medication, I hated it, but took it anyway. There was a spray for my bottom to prevent it from becoming dry enough to crack and bleed that momma had to use on me.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Run, chase but mostly cuddle with momma at night. We have a chat and talk about the day, then fall asleep like that.

I also help with homework…and watch

What would you like to say to other cats who are on the streets looking for homes?

I walked up to somebody’s house looking for help, I knew I was in trouble. this one house looked like a place that would help me out, so I stopped there. I was right, they took me to the vet the very next morning. So for kitties looking for homes….never give up…your momma or daddy is right around the corner. Go to a house that looks friendly and see if they’ll help you. Is there anything you would like to add about yourself? Momma says I have an absolute joy for life. It means I go a little over the edge at times, but all in all, I’m a good boy who knows how fortunate I am. I love everybody and everything! I also love to be in high places. It makes momma anxious, but that’s what I do best!!! Mol!!!

Thank you so much, everybody needs to know us special needs kitties have hearts made of gold πŸ˜€

This was my face the first time I saw bunnies.. so many bunnies…

Author’s Note: I want to thank Sir Rupurrt Ninja Kitty for taking time out of his busy day to let me ask him questions, I want to than his momma for letting me borrow pictures of his handsome self. You can find him on his Facebook Page – Rupurrt Ninja Kitty. Pictures were used with permission. This article is a part of the Black Cat Appreciation Theme and the Extra Love Needed theme. Click on either badge for more articles.


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