Extra Love Needed: Meet Pumpkin – the perfectly perceptive eyeless cat

May I ask how old you are?
I will turn 8 years old sometime this month. My mom doesn’t know my exact birthday because I was found as a stray. Someone brought me to a vet office when I was only a month and a half old because my eyes were so infected that the doctor said there were ‘hard cones’ formed over them. I couldn’t see because of that so I didn’t mind that they had to remove my eyes.
Where did your name come from?
My mom went into a vet office to try to rescue a dog she had seen a poster for. He had already been adopted but there was a crate with a little black and white kitten in it. There were 2 name tags on the crate, ‘Oreo’ and ‘Pumpkin’. My mom asked where I was and they told her I was in the back recovering from my eye surgery. It had already been a week and I was healing just fine. They brought me out to her and she took me home right then J It was October anyway so she just kept my name as Pumpkin. (Oreo already had someone that was going to adopt him).
How did you find your forever home?
I guess I kind of already answered that question, oops!
Do you have any fursiblings you live with?
I have lived with several different animals, my mom has rescued a few different cats and I also lived with my grandparent’s and their dogs and cats for a while. It takes me a little while to get used to new animals but there are a few that I really get along with. My mom and dad just adopted a Siamese cat in February and named him Apple. He is my only brother right now J
If so, do they treat you any different?
Most of them don’t understand why I can’t look at them but then they realize that I am pretty much like a regular cat. I can even catch flies!!
How long did it take for you to map your forever home?
My mom adopted me when she was in college so I have had to live in lots of different houses! I trust my mom so much that I know she won’t take me anywhere where I can get hurt. Each time I go into a new house I just walk around very slowly and then usually find somewhere that I can sit and listen to everything that is going on around me. In no time I am running and playing. I love any bathtub that I can find! My mom always turns the water on to a drip and I drink the water and sometimes use my hand to drink it.
What are you favorite things to do?
One of my favorite places to visit is my grandparent’s boat on a lake in Virginia. I am not afraid at all! My mom watches me very closely but also lets me explore because I am so brave. I also love to play in my pop up tent. I hide in it and wait for legs or my brother to walk by and I pounce.
What would you like to say to people who are hesitant to bring a blind cat into their home?
I would say that I can only speak for myself but I am a very normal cat. Obviously we blind cats can only be indoor cats and you have to be very careful not to leave doors open and to remind everyone that comes to visit to close all doors behind them. My mom says that cats are very smart and their other senses take over when they lose one. My hearing is VERY good and sometime loud noises can scare me.
Is there anything you or your mom would like to add?
Pumpkin has been a blessing in my life and I know she inspires most everyone that gets to meet her. They are amazed at how normal she is and how she can get around. She will jump onto couches, tables and is not afraid to jump down. She is very easygoing and I am always amazed at how quickly she can adapt to new environments. Thank you for helping to educate others on special needs cats!

May I borrow pictures of you for the article? I will state they were used with permission and link back to your page.

Yes, please pick the cutest ones! I can send you one of her on the boat if you want, let me know.

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