Extra Love Needed: Meet Noid

Author’s Note: Since this post falls on Christmas it will be re-posted on Friday the 26th. Happy Holidays and Happy Boxing Day to my readers in Canada. Also, please note that a few of the photos in this article are a bit graphic and may not be suitable for those with weak stomachs, the young, the elderly or cats.. probably not pocket pets either.
Merry Crestmas
How old are you?
 I am 9 years old and will turn 10 on June 13th 2014

Where did your name come from?  
My name is Noid as in “avoid the Noid” who was a funny little creature that was in the 1980’s domino’s pizza commercials

Do you live with any fursibilings?
 I have 2 sisters, Niya a powderpuff Chinese Crested who is 8yrs and Wysie is another hairless CC just like me who is 7 years
Can you tell me a bit about canine cystinura?

Well basically cystinuria is a genetic defect in which the kidney is not able to process a basic amino acid, cystine, correctly. Dogs are born with this condition and in most cases it can take many years before we notice it, on average between 2-5. There is no cure for this either however it can be managed. This is not managed by food however so Noid can eat anything just like any other dog.

Over time unprocessed cystine in the urine clumps together and forms stones the stones then can block the urinary tract which is a life-threatening condition and requires surgery to remove them. The usual procedure is Retrograde Hydropulsion which flushes the stones back up into the bladder but that doesn’t get rid of the stones so they still need to be treated by a  cystotomy where the stones are surgically removed!

Here are the stones that were removed
Here are the stones that were removed

Unfortunately this is a genetic disease that is extremely rare and more common in Newfoundlanders, Mastiffs and Scottish Deerhounds and there are not a lot of treatment options!

Play like it's your last day on earth
Play like it’s your last day on earth

Do you need special food/medication to treat it?

There are 2 drugs available Thyiola which although effective is not approved or available in Canada, which is where we are.  There is another drug called D-Pennicillimine that my Vet was very very reluctant to use on Noid because of the side effects. Apparently they are more common than not and they are very serious so she opted not to use them.

The very last option was a Scrotal urethrostomy which is a major surgery very invasive where they basically re-route his “plumbing”!  An opening is made at the base of the scrotum for him to urinate from so instead of stones going all the way down the urethra into the narrow part of the penis it has a shorter route and less chance of clogging him up again.

Noid had the scrotal urethrostomy done on May 15th 2008 He was in the hospital for 3 days and was very very bruised and sore and bled quite a bit for a couple weeks afterwards but it was something that had to be done.

If you have any questions about this disease and want more information this is a great website and they have a yahoo support group as well


it really helped me and because of the rarity of this disease there isn’t alot of information out there about it so I was very thankful to have run across that site!

Does the cold irritate your condition? 

Nope not at all

I'm pretty handsome if I do say so myself
I’m pretty handsome if I do say so myself

How are you doing right now?

Noid is doing great, the first year after the surgery there was a little bit of blocking because everything was swollen and so passing the stones could hurt but now things are great and pass easy and haven’t blocked in a very very long time!
I am getting some thickening of the bladder walls but that is not causing any problems, I also do have a grade 3-4 heart murmur but the vet is monitoring that and isn’t too concerned at this point and it is not connected to the cystinuria.

How often do you need to get groomed?

Not much for me, I get a bath every couple weeks and my nails clipped once a month but that’s about it 

Can you share some facts about Chinese crested breed?

What? it's my festive jammies
What? it’s my festive jammies

Well a couple fun facts are that when a litter is born the puppies can be either hairless like me or powderpuffs like my sister Niya unless it’s 2 powderpuffs that are the parents and it’s the hairless gene that is the dominant one.
Also I have ancient teeth, my canines are called “tusks” and they are a different shape and point forward.
As well Cresties can be born without teeth because the teeth gene and hairless gene are connected but powderpuffs have normal teeth and are born with all of them.  I don’t have too many teeth, only about a dozen but my tongue does not hang out the side of my mouth either like some cresties.

I love your clothes! Where does your mom get the ideas from? 

Usually she gets her ideas from necessity like my snowsuit with the feet, it’s cold in winter for a naked doggy and so she worried I would freeze and started looking for warm clothes and even put shoes on but I have skinny chicken legs and tiny feet and they kept flying off so she figured out it would just be best to make an all in one snowsuit with feets attached. Some stuff she buys but most is hand made.

 Do you wear them all the time or only going out?

I like to be naked as much as possible so I only wear clothes when it’s cold 

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I am mama’s muse and inspiration for most ventures she does and I am totally spoiled rotten and get my way most of the time, she says I am very special. Daddy told her to go find the weirdest dog she could find when they started looking and he said she hit the jackpot with me, but I have both of them wrapped around my dew claw 🙂


This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Ryder.

Me & Ryder in the snow, he's at the Bridge now
Me & Ryder in the snow, he’s at the Bridge now

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Noid’s wonderful mom for answering all the questions and letting me use pictures with permission. You can find The Noid on facebook.

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