Extra Love Needed: Meet Mr. Magoo

Well his name is actually Magoo but he gets called Goo, Bug or Bugaboo more than anything… Although I have a tendency to call him My Moochie Man (short for smooch as he gives the best wet face rub smooches)
Yes Goo lived on the Streets of Phila for about 2 years before he was rescued. I’m not certain he actually remembers, but we do know he gets very nervous and apprehensive when he hears traffic or loud noises outside. He gets this facial twitch when he’s nervous or unsure about things.
Goo rebounded fairly quickly, actually with in days once he came to live with us and was able to get the one on one attention he required and wasn’t constantly around other sick animals at the shelter.
Goo had such a difficult time breathing,  his nose was crusted with blood and discharge, but the ulcers in his mouth were the last things to heal.  Eating was so hard for him, we had to spoon feed him a little at a time until he could eat on his own.
Goo lives with 3 brothers Buddy, Yogi and Bob and 3 sisters Izaboo, Zoe and Emmy but didn’t really get to meet them until the beginning of Dec after he was over being sick and was neutered.
Introduction was delayed as we were hoping  that getting some of the testosterone out of his system would help ease the transition. They have tried numerous times to introduce themselves unfortunately Goo is not really fond of his brothers & sisters, we are assuming it’s because he had to fight to survive on the street and feels like everyone was is threat.
They still need to be separated unless supervised and Goo is in his harness and on his leash. My husband and I work with him to help him get used to his new family and know it will take time & patience.
In the beginning we were nervous, about him getting hurt or falling off of things but Goo quickly showed us that he was not to be babied, he was fearless. Jumping up on cat trees and furniture running around like a nut playing, he did/does on occasion run into things and fall off of things but he gets right back up and keeps on going. Goo does not let his inability to see stop him from doing anything he amazes us everyday!
Da Bird is a favorite toy of Goo’s and he tracks it by sound, we drag it on the floor or whip it through the air and he’s pretty dead on with finding it too. Goo’s other senses are extremely heightened, due to his lack of vision.

Adopting Goo although it was a love at first sight for me, was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Goo is an amazing soul so full of life and love and with all that he has been through in his first years of life he truly is a fighter. Special Needs is a term commonly used for a  human or animal  that is  not what we consider “normal”, they may be deaf, blind, they may be missing limb or have a severe health condition. I for one don’t really like the term Special Needs, we say “Specially abled” because Goo is Very Special and he is Perfectly Able. Goo has the same needs I do, food, water, sleep, a roof over his head and love. If I had to live on the street for 2 years blind with all he endured, I know I wouldn’t have survived. How he managed to, really does show how Specially-abled he really is!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr.Magoo and his mom for letting me interview him. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on his facebook page .
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