Extra Love Needed: Meet Mahalo the Special Two-Toed Kitten



May I ask how old you are?

I will be turning 4 years old next month, we’re not sure what day though.

Where did your name come from and what does it mean?

My mom loved how my deformed foot looks like the “Mahalo” hand sign they use in Hawaii to say thanks. If you put all your fingers down into a fist and then only stick out your thumb and pinkie, that’s what my foot resembles.

How did you find your forever family?

My mom and dad had lost a kitty in a very terrible way over Christmas and wanted to get another kitty so they could have someone to love and their son could have a companion while growing up. They went to the Ayres Animal Shelter and looked at all the kitties there. The shelter workers pointed out kittens they had gotten in recently and there were a lot of them. I was part of that litter but I wasn’t chosen that day because I wasn’t brought out to meet mom and dad. My brother KittyBoy was the one chosen that day and brought home but they noticed he seemed lonely. After a few weeks they decided to call up the same shelter and ask if any of KittyBoy’s littermates were still available for adoption. The person on the phone was hesitant but said that I was still there, that there had been only a little interest but then nothing beyond that. My dad asked why, what’s wrong with him and she explained about my deformed foot and how no one wanted to adopt a kitten that looked different. My dad decided right then on the phone that he would go to the shelter and pick me up and he did! Once I was brought to their home I was so happy to see my brother KittyBoy and he was happy to see me too.


Do you live with any fursiblings?

Yes, I have two brofurs: KittyBoy who is my littermate and Nacho who was given to mom and dad by a friend who couldn’t take care of him.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Sleep, boy do I love to sleep, especially if I can get up onto dad’s pillows like the Pillow King! I also really like chasing my tail and beating up my brofurs whenever I’m feeling squirrely.

mahalo baby posing

Do you walk/run different from other cats?

I get around just fine but there is a bit of a limp/swagger to my step and the nails on my deformed foot click on the floor. As far as running goes, I can go pretty fast but it ends up being more like a gallop. None of these activities are painful for me at all.

Do your fursiblings treat you any different?

Nope, my brofurs treat me just like any other cat and they love to have play time with me when I’m awake enough.


Is there anything you can’t do?

I can’t jump very high like most cats can and my balance isn’t as good either but I don’t think it’s necessary to do those things unless you’re trying to live outdoors, which I’m curious about but mom and dad don’t want me to go out there anyway.

Did you need any therapy?

Nope, all that needs to be kept up on is clipping the nails on my deformed foot because they grow out sideways and will get stuck in the carpets, etc.

What would you or your mom like to say to people who are hesitant in adopting a pet that may need extra love?

Adopting a pet takes a lot of time, love and money so adopting one that needs some extra love really isn’t all that different. True it may take a bit more of each of those but honestly, in the end it’s so worth the extra work. We may be different but we only want the same thing everyone else wants, including humans; Love!


Is there anything else you or mom would like to say?

Mom wanted me to tell you this: “I love Mahalo and his brothers with all my heart and couldn’t be happier with them. They bring us all such joy and we’d be lost without our silly little companions. They really are a part of the family so I hope those that are hesitant about adopting pets that need extra love will reconsider their opinions and find one to fall in love with.”


Author’s Note: A huge thank you to Mahalo for letting me interview him and his mom for helping. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit his Facebook page – Mahalo the Special Two-toed Kitty. 

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