Extra Love Needed: Meet Lucy

 lucy2 How old are you Miss Lucy?

I was born approximately in August 2010. I am little over three years old now.

Where did your name come from?

Lucy phonetically said in Persian means “spoiled one”. I have a multi-cultural name.

How did you come to your forever home?

It was all magically timed and by fate. My human, Rashe, drove by the shoe box, on the side of a dry desert side road,that the other humans had abandoned me in. Rashe drove by and thought, how odd for there to be a shoe box on the side of the road. She looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a ball of fur, that’s me, jump out of the box. I got afraid when I heard her car drive by, that’s why I jumped out.
She then realized that it was a kitten, me. So, she backed up and stopped the car. I was already running towards the sand dunes. But, she came after me in the sand in her pretty fancy work attire and heeled shows at the same time calling to me,here kitty kitty. I heard her and then, walked towards her. She picked me up and took me back to her car. She put me back in the shoe box and drove to the vet to have me checked out. I fell asleep in the shoebox. I am very calm and quiet on car rides. That’s why I like taking road-trips. We went to the beach one day. You can see pictures of me on the shore of the great Pacific Ocean.

Does your human mom know if you were born blind or if you got bad eye infections that made you blind?

I was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia by an animal eye specialist. That means that the part of my brain that processes input from the visual cortex is damaged. The specialist said that it was most likely damaged while I was a fetus. She said my mother may have been sick or had a fever causing this type of brain damage to her unborn fetus. So, I was actually born blind. But, my retina and visual cortex work fine. Its just my brain that cannot process the data into images. Its like sending a fax to a fax machine but not being able to print it.

Do the other cats in the house treat you different?


My older non-biological brother, Mahboob (meaning “beloved one” in Arabic), who was also found on the side of the highway at about 3 weeks old by my human, doesn’t treat me that much different. He tends to like to play outside more than inside though. Afterall, he IS a boy. In the past, when we had foster kittens in the flat, I would like to play with them more. They seem less of a threat to me. However, my older non-biological sister who was also rescued when she was a tiny kitten on the side of a busy city street, Tiffa (short for Latifa meaning delicate one in Arabic (I think she is anything but)), doesn’t like me at all. She is a very dominant, territorial Queen type. She is like Cleopatra. She prefers to play outside, chase squirrels and stalk mice living in the ground under the bird feeder. She has her own queen-dome and I have mine.

What are you favorite toys to play with?

I love my Valerian filled From The Field Shelby Hemp mouse. We bought it from our best-friends, Oskar and Klaus, in Seattle. I also like candy wrappers and balls of scarp paper.

Where do you like to sleep?

On the bed, almost always.

Did you human mom worry about how you would get around when she realized you were blind?

Yes and No. I was a very good girl and I mapped out everything in my head. I have never ever had out of litter box accident. I know where everything is in the house. Sometimes I do bump into things but very very rarely. It usually happens when I am chasing Mahboob, or he is chasing me.

What would your human mom like to say to people who are hesitant to adopt a blind cat?

My human, Rashe, does not feel that I am any different from other cats. She does have to be aware of certain things like to make sure I am not around if she is using loud kitchen appliances, since the sound kind of scares me, or she will put me in a closed room while she vacuums. She doesn’t re-decorate the house much either. So,she doesn’t move the furniture around much. It takes me about a week to figure out a new place anyway. I am very social and I like other humans when they come over. I just don’t like the sound of things that sound like a cat hissing like plastic bags being moved around. Since, I can’t see, I don’t know if it is a real cat trying to attack me.

Is there anything else either of you would like to add?

No matter, blind or not, all cats have their own unique personality. And all deserve to live in a loving, safe and comfortable environment. Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescuing one is much more rewarding.

Don’t discount the power of bringing a “special” animal into your home and the amazing effect it will have on your life. You do tend to complain less about the little things in life and enjoying living life more fully and with more presence and appreciation.


May I borrow pictures for the article? I will state they were used with permission.
Please send me the link the day you feature her blog so I can feature it on her page.

Anything else you would like to add?

I really can’t think of any. But anyone can email me at any time at meowmau(dot)email(at)gmail(dot)com to get advice or ask me about my experience rescuing and living with a blind kitten. It is very nice of you to do this for these animals. It removes the stigma of owning a “special needs” animal and hopefully more will get adopted. Thanks again.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Lucy and her mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Miss Lucy on her facebook page.

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9 Replies to “Extra Love Needed: Meet Lucy”

  1. Oh Lucy what an amazing story!! I am so glad Rashe fiund you & your brother & rescued you. She sounds like the bestest human. Thank you for sharing your story. I have alwasy wondered how blind kitties get around and function…I follow Oskar on FB also..kitties like you & he have taught so much to people….
    Thank you PLnW for a wonderful interview!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  2. Lucy, you sound to have sorted life out rather well! We’ve met so many blind kitties and we’ve found you all to be very relaxed and playful things. Nobody should be worried about adopting a kitten or cat like you. Good point about decorating though 😉

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