Extra Love Needed: Meet Louie

Sun puddle, I love you.


How old are you?
I will be a year old on April 23, 2014!

Where did your name come from?
Because I was born blind, my foster dad (Fred of Phaedra & Phriends) named me after Louis Braille. He developed the Braille system for the blind.

How did you find your forever home?
As soon as I had been found, my foster mom (Marty of Phaedra & Phriends) posted a picture of him and immediately received a text from my mom that said, “If I wanted him, would you let me have him?” (my mom is hearing impaired, so she didn’t know if that would be a problem), but my foster mom said, “of course”, and the rest is history!

Isn’t this a pawesome cat tree?

I read that you were born blind, how long did it take you to “map” your forever home?
I spent the first week in only one room with just mom while I got used to being in a new house and then after that, I got to explore the rest of the house. Mom was surprised about how well I did and how fast I learned, but she kept a litter box upstairs because the steps scared me. I’d go up the stairs but not down them, so it took a few weeks until I got the hang of them, they were my biggest challenge.

Do you live with any fur siblings?
I live with two fur siblings:
Kacy is a long haired, brown and black polydactyl tiger, and she’s going to be 3 years old this year. I love playing with Kacy but sometimes she hisses at me when she’s tired of playing.
Max is a short haired, brown and black tiger, and he’s 5 years old. I like to chase him when he’s hogging mom’s lap, but what I love most about Max is that he gives the best baths!
(Our fur sibling, Dakota, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year about 5 months after I joined the family, so I have helped fill the void that his passing left.)

My brown & black brother, Max
Miss Kacy, the brown & black tiger

Do they treat you any different? (that you know of?)
No, I don’t think Kacy or Max even know I can’t see.

Can you hear things they can’t?
Of course I can! Being blind gives my super hearing, so I can hear better than most cats (just don’t tell them that).

I saw that you got to sniff snow, what did you think of it?
It made the inside of my nose cold, so I like being an indoor cat.

How often to you get to go outside when it’s warm?
It’s just started to get warm now, so we’ve not gone out much yet and I didn’t go out too much last year because I was still a baby.

Do you go on a harness or get to roam around supervised?
Mom has a handmade safety harness that I wear, when I go outside.

Let no rug go unexplored!

What is your favorite thing to do?
Play!!! I have TONS of toys to chose from, I attack mom, chase the big kitties and I snuggle. I have to admit… my favorite toy is a red bear that my foster mom gave to me when I was a kitten. I drag it around the house all the time and even sleep with it.

What would you or your mommy like to say to people hesitant about adopting a blind cat?
Blind cats are really no different than having any other cat. Yes, they will run into things, and yes, there may be some accidents, but we humans aren’t perfect either. The main difference is finding toys that stimulate them… toys that crinkle, toys that squeak, toys that rattle, toys with texture.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
What I have learned from having Louie and spending time with Marty & Fred of Phaedra & Phriends is: “Disabled does not mean disposable.” They have every right to live a full and happy life as every other animal. One day when Marty and I were out with Louie and Phaedra (who is also a blind cat) a lady said to us that it was cruel for us to let them live and they should have been euthanized. Marty replied simply, “We don’t euthanize humans because of blindness.”

I want to share that the second I saw the very first picture of Louie that was posted on the Phaedra & Phriends site, something just burned in my heart and I knew I needed to bring him into my home, because I instantly fell in love with him. Texting Marty to ask if I could adopt him was the best thing I have ever done. Louie is there when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I wake up, and when I go to sleep. Louie is my angel.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Dakota. Fly free sweetie. You will always be loved.

Me & Dakota, I miss you.

Many thanks to Louie & his mom for answering the questions, you can follow Louie on his facebook page – Louie the Blind Cat. Pictures were used with permission. This article is a part of the Extra Love Needed theme, please click on the badge below for more articles on pets that need extra love & care.


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  1. You’re brilliant, Louie. Mom wrote a book about a blind little boy. (Keep Your Ear on the Ball) You remind me of him. He was very strong and independent.

    Love and licks I like toys that crinkle, too,

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