Extra Love Needed: Meet Kona

May I ask how old you are? 

I am one year old today!  


Where did your beautiful name come from?

My mom said it means King of the World…and I am king of my world!


How did you find your forever home?

 My mommy wanted a rag doll kitten so she looked for breeders in Tampa, Florida.  


Can you tell me a bit about FIP and how you were diagnosed?

FIP is a terrible virus that some of us get sick from.  You can read more about it on catvirus.com.  


Are you on any medications?

I was diagnosed 2 months ago because I was not acting right, not eating as much and seemed uninterested in play.  My mom took me to the doctor and they found out that I am very anemic, and my protein levels were very high.  They took X-rays and round that I had enlarged kidneys, lymph nodes and heart.  I then had a sonogram done by a specialist and they found that my spleen was enlarged as well and my retinas were slightly detached also.  They gave me weeks to maybe a few months to live.


Does your mom have to take any precautions if she touches you?

I am on prednisolone which is a steroid and Buprenex, which is a painkiller.  Mom tried PI but it did no good and will not use it anymore.  No, I am not contagious….anyone can play with me.  I actually caught the virus from another cat at the breeder and my immune system could not fight it so I got really sick, where other kitties do not.  


You have such a beautiful coat, are you part Siamese?

I think I am part Siamese and Burmese….I am ragdoll.


What is your favorite thing to do?

 My favorite thing to do is play and be with my Mom.  I follow her all over.



Is there anything your mom would like to say about FIP?

 My mom hates FIP and never heard of it until I got sick.  She had 3 kitties before me who were healthy.  She thinks people and vets should learn more about it.  

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Kona’s mom for answering the questions and letting me borrow a picture for use. Please visit Kona on his Facebook page – Kona’s Story – Fighting FIP


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