Extra Love Needed: Meet Keebo

Hello! I'm Keebo
Hello! I’m Keebo

How old are you?

I am 3 years old..my birthday is in sept. But I am a tiny lil thing, I barely weigh 2 pounds!

Where did your name come from?

My mommy named me Keebo because it stands for ” Hope”.

Can you tell me a little bit about your condition?

I have a condition called Radial Hypoplasia,or RH,  a condition where my forelegs are abnormally short and twisted.

Is Oliver still like a daddy cat to you?

When my Grammy and mommy brought me home from that shelter, Olliver, which is my mommy’s first kitty, wow was he mad at my mom! He wouldn’t let her near him for 3 days! She was really upset and this made her cry because she thought she had hurt ollivers feelings so bad!! Grammy assured her he just needed some time to adjust , but for safety reasons, at night they kept us separated. Then one day, Grammy saw Olliver just walking back n forth, back n forth…it took her a moment to realize…he had me in his mouth!!! She was nervous at first but she just kept a close eye on him to see what he would do…and he finally put me down in a corner…and started giving me a BATH!! From then on, he has been my ” daddy” and yes, he is still protective of me and gives me baths!! I lubs him an awful lot!

How many extra toes do you have on your back legs?

I'm standing on my back legs, neat huh?
I’m standing on my back legs, neat huh?

I have 5 toes on each back paw…and my back feet are really big!!! Pretty sure God gave me these big ole feet and an extra long tail to balance myself on…since the front part of me is so ” short” with my crooked front paws! I am able to stand up on my back paws and balance myself, and stretch really high to look around, or I can squat for a long time to! That’s why kitties like us are often called ” squittens” and ” Roos” because how we stand up on our hind legs with our little paws clutched in at our side and resemble kangaroos! I often wave my paws, to everyone it looks like I am ” begging” for something.. Grammy swears I am trying to tell her something really important, but in reality I do it for balance! But its so darn adorable I have mastered it because I know everyone just loves it!

How high can you jump?
I can jump, really high with those big back feet to! I am able to jump on and off the couch and Grammy’s bed. The only problem is, the jumping down. I do a ” faceplant” because I am unable to break my fall with my paws. This does not ever, ever stop me tho! Grammy put a really comfy house beside her bed for me as a little step stool to help so its not so high, and eventually I heard them talking about building a ramp for me so I can walk up and down off the bed. My very favorite place to be, is wherever my Grammy is laying down!! Thats when I know I can get her complete attention! If I don’t , I just sit right on her chest til she sees me!

What is your favorite things to do?

I would have to say, my very favorite thing to do….is to play with my wire toy. Grammy calls it my ” doingy” . One of my friends off Facebook sent me a few for a Christmas present, and its just a tiny little wire covered in a hard plastic covering… They saw me playing with bread ties and told us how dangerous those are for kitties!! So they sent me these! And my goodness sometimes I play so long I just tucker myself out!! The best part is when I push it under the doors … Then come get Grammy and make her get it out for me!! Sometimes I do this allll day long!! But she never gets tired of opening those doors n letting me get my toy!!

What is your favorite type of bag?

I lub bags
I lub bags

I also love bags!!! Especially brown paper bags!! They make great hiding places!! And if there is a little hole in the back of them, then I can peek thru…and swat at anyone walking by!! For some reason, I like to chew on plastic bags , Grammy gets upset when she sees me do this tho!

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your ability?
One last thing I would like to add about me and my ” physical difference” is this….When my Grammy and mommy went to the shelter to get me, that kid in there used to get me out of my cage just to ” watch me army crawl” because I was so tiny I could only use my elbows to crawl on the ground! ( we are pretty sure he did this often just to get a laugh out of it!.) But when he put me back in my kennel I stayed as far back as I could so he wouldn’t grab me again!! I was so scared!! But grammy never took her eyes off me the whole time my mommy looked at the other kitties. Grammy knew if they didn’t take me, no one else would because they wouldn’t want to deal with a ” defective” cat. But as I got home and got loved, I got better and stronger. And now Grammy says that I rescued her! Love can from the most surprising places, and animals that don’t ” look the same” as others…well we know it! And we also know that when you CHOOSE US, you are giving us an amazing chance at a life we never thought we would have had! So, not only will you change our lives, but you will watch your world be transformed in a way you never knew possible.
Special needs animals, are just that…they make you realize you had a special need in your life for them that was empty, and then you wonder how you ever fully lived before they came along!

Do you have any advice for other cats that need extra love and are looking for a home?

( From Grammy… I truly believe that kitties are golden guardian angels, and they know how to stand in the light of Gods eternal love…when we are feeling down, angry, sad, hurt,,we have our kitties, ESp keebo, to go to..,as our own personal therapy, as they can rid themselves of the darkness we carry. )

Did I mention I lub bags? I do.. don't worry granny cuts the handles for me.
Did I mention I lub bags? I do.. don’t worry granny cuts the handles for me.


Many many thanks to Miss Carol and Keebo, you can find Keebo on her facebook page – Keebo’s The Deformed Mini Kitty and read more of her story and share in her adventures. Pictures were used with permission.

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9 Replies to “Extra Love Needed: Meet Keebo”

  1. Keebo is especially precious; not because of his front legs but because of his spirit and the fact that he was rescued and then he rescued Grammy right back. And that kid at the shelter should be reported and never allowed to volunteer or work there again.

    1. A wonderful article on a wonder-filled kitty and her family…I have been a part of Miss Keebo’s extended family on FB for quite a while…and, have fallen in Lubs w/ her and Grammy…and Keebos other fur family….a great source of Love and inspiration for me and others…

      1. Aww Jan!! And we as well have fallen in lubs with you ! Your continuing words of support help us everyday as well!! It is great to know that keebos page is doing exactly what we hoped it would do.. Bring joy into others lives as she has brought into ours!

    2. ThAnk you so much! Yes keebo is very precious!!! And her spirit.. Is what keeps me going some days ! I wish i would have reported him … But i don’t know if he truly was just fascinated because he had never seen a kitten like her before. He was never cruel to her or any of the animals and talked kindly about all of them. I just followed my heart and knew it told me i needed to take her home!!

  2. Miss Carol is trying to raise money to have Keebo checked to see if her legs can be fixed, not sure of all the details but she is doing an auction. I would love to see more help for her.. I just love watching their videos they definitely have a connection between them. It is so like my Binx and I.

    1. Thank you!!! Yes we are very excited about the auction! It starts tomorrow! Its on Gilbert’s Possee Facebook page! They are still taking donations and the bidding begins i believe at midnight tonight!! The money is to take keebo to a vet that specializes in care of kitties with RH.. Or at least is more informed about them! And yes, the bond keebo and i share, well, let’s just say i believe she was hand picked and special delivered by heaven above just for me!!

  3. Keebo is a very beautiful special kitty. Good to see you adapt to everything around you and make everyones day with your cuteness. Love watching the videos of Keebo,Olliver,AJ,Charlie Brown. We love you!

  4. Keebo and Grammy want to say Thank You !!! What a great story!! So exciting having our first interview! We hope we are able to do what we can to share our experience of loving a ” handicapped” pet.. When in reality .. We are all handicapped by something.. We are all limited by something in life that holds us back, whether it be time, money , emotions,geography.. Or physical.. Keebo just doesn’t let it stop her from much!! And she shows anyone that meets her, nothing but love and joy!

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