Extra Love Needed: Meet Justin the Fire Survivor

Justin wanted to thank those who helped him recover
Justin wanted to thank those who helped him recover


How old are you?

7 months old… i’m growin’ up big and strong. the meanie who tried to hurt me, well… they picked on the wrong kitty. i’m 7 months old now, weigh a woppin’ 8 pounds, and am full of life & love!! paw power, baby!!
Where did your name come from?

i’m named after the son of the vet (who treated my burns when i was a kitten)
How did you come to live with your forever family?

the rescue organization, animal alliance of nj, helped me find my forever home. and, boy, did i hit the lottery! i gotta teepee, tons of toys, and dj deck to spin my favorite tunes…. and lots of catnip!
Are you on medications currently?

nope. i’m feelin’ good! i wake up every mornin’ purrin’… each day is a day worth livin’!

Justin being cute and cuddly
Justin being cute and cuddly

Are there any other pets he shares the house with?

yeppers! people know of my brothers, sidney and allahbear. we’re known as the teddy bear boyz. 🙂
Can people make donations to help your recovery?

every thursday i host a catnip party on facebook and twitter to help other kitties in need! help ’em feel good! everyone’s invited to the party! there’s a “suggested” $10 “cover charge” donation that goes to directly to help a special kitty or rescue group being honored that night! we party for a cause….

Justin sleeping
Justin sleeping

Is there anything else you would like to add?

life is a series of choices. i chose to live. yeah things were rough, really rough… but i wasnt about to let that human take my spirit, my happiness, my life. no way. so every day i found a reason to live. to go on. now, i make every day a day worth livin’. i don’t hold any grudges. i believe in love over hatred…understanding over judging. compassion not violence. find the bright side.


Justin wanted to say that you are beautiful
Justin wanted to say that you are beautiful

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for bearing with me while I was on a blogcation.. It was only two weeks but it really helped me focus a bit more. I wanted to thank Justin for letting me interview him and spreading his love & joy. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit him on his facebook page Justin, Fire Survivor.


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