Extra Love Needed: Meet Hemi the CH Kitty

Just me

How old are you Hemi?

I will be 7 on July 7th

Where did you name come from?

We named Tank his name because he was SO MUCH bigger than the other kittens. With my disability, dad said I needed just as “manly” of a name. and dad is a Mopar fan! lol

How did you find your forever home?

Mom and Dad actually rescued Mama Cat from an abusive situation when they lived in Florida, and after they took her from her “owners” they told mom and dad she might be pregnant. they couldn’t bear to fix her and abort the litter so they let Mama have her kittens, 5 of us, and re-homed everyone after we spent 12 weeks being socialized.

When did you start doing physical therapy? And what do they do with you?

Physical therapy started in August. we do stretches, balance activities, work in the water treadmill, laser therapy, and acupuncture!

Do you take any medications?

Just joint supplements

When/How were you officially diagnosed with CH?

Pretty much right when I was a baby, mom researched it before she even took us for our first round of shots, and the vets confirmed it.

Physical Therapy back in February. The water treadmill helps a lot.

Can you tell me a little bit about CH?

It is a neurological disorder that affects the cerebellum, which controls motor function and coordination. It is most common when the mother cat is exposed to or contracts Distemper while pregnant. There is no “cure” but the condition does tend to even out over time, and as we are learning, it can be improved and dealt with

What limitations do you have right now?

I cannot walk on my own. I could as a baby but I fell over so much I got sick of it, and chose to scoot and crawl. I have issues using the litter box with any accuracy. When I was younger I had very irritable bowels and (sorry for TMI) varied between constipated and the opposite a lot. God thing is I got used to baths, so the water treadmill was no big deal for me!! I also have thin skin which can tear easily if I get knots in my fur, but that has all improved with exercise, and Blue Buffalo Grain Free diet.

Upset tummies are cured by being a kitty burrito with mommy snuggles

I saw that you took your first steps with all four feet, that had to exhausting, congrats!

First steps with all four paws on 4/8

Do you live with any fursiblings? ‘If so do any of them next extra love & care like you?

I have Mama Cat, my real mom, but she has kind “shunned” me since 2 months old. she has recently started to come around and is taking a bit of interest in me again.

The newest member of the family, Scout

I also have Osa, Scout, and Buttons.

My littermate, Tank he’s 20lbs and very gentle with me

Tank is my actual litter mate and closest to me. He cleans me, cuddles me, and plays gently with me. He’s HUGE (20 lb tabby) I am only 10 lbs, but he has always seemed to understand I am a little different.

Miss Osha, my fursibling
Sisfur Buttons the Bobtail

How can people donate to help your family pay for your physical therapy?

I have a Youcaring donation site which goes to mom’s paypal and gets transferred for each PT session. I also have an Amazon wishlist for help with other basic needs

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your family?

Mom and Dad love all animals and we have fish and 3 dogs too!!! Mom and Dad hope one day to open an animal sanctuary / rescue for elderly and disabled and special needs cats and dogs.


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Hemi and his mom for answering the interview questions. You can find him on his Facebook page – Hemi the CH Kitty . Pictures were used with permission. This article is a part of the Extra Love Needed theme, please click on the badge below for more articles on pets that need extra love & care.


3 Replies to “Extra Love Needed: Meet Hemi the CH Kitty”

  1. I love Hemi. I did not realize until I saw his video that he wasn’t walking. The videos gave me those leaky eyes. And I didn’t realize that a mother cat getting distemper while pregnant could cause CH in the kittens.

  2. What an anazing story of perserverance for Hemi cat!
    He sure has alot of challenges yet he is amzingly happy & adapting so well. I am learning alot Christina when I read your featured cats.
    Thank you so much!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

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