Extra Love Needed: Meet Gladys the Glorious Angelbull

Author’s Note:  This interview is a very special one as this is my first interview with an angel bull and this is Miss Gladys’ first interview. She answered so beautifully that I didn’t want to break up the paragraphs with the questions.. so without further ado, I present the wonderful interview with Miss Gladys the Glorious Angelbull.  

 To begin, Tank you merci boo coo for choosing MOI to be a interviewed! It is meh first!  Let MOI first explain to your followers meh language (lots of facebooky doggies have their own version of a language!).  I will do so in person talk.  BOL (bark out loud).  I am a rather full-figured gal but in my mind, I was a dainty elegant dog who had a taste for the finer things in life, though they had likely eluded me the first 8-10 years of my life!  So in my head, I think I sound very worldly and elegant when I speak doggie Frenglish.  I also like to refer to myself in the 3rd person, and because I speak Frenglish, I call myself MOI! 🙂  

Let’s establish first that MOI is now an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge as of November 20, 2013.  So now MOI is Angel MOI. 🙂
Da beginning!  ****rubs paws together because MOI gets so excited how dis story goes****
Dis was taken meh 3rd day at Mumz. Yep! MOI had already seized control of dat couch.
Meh Mummzy (or mumz) posted on her facebooky page one day dat she wanted and elderbull for Christmas.  Almost immediately, meh picture popped up under her post and it said “Be careful what you wish for.”.  And it was meh picture from JAIL!  ***shudders wif flashback of horrible memories).  Attached you will see da very picture!  Da comment came from da founder of a rescue in Indianapolis called Mended Hearts Rescue. (side note:  meh hooman sister and her hubby are directors of da rescue and so mumz knew da founder and she saw mumz post).  Mended Hearts Rescue in Indianapolis gets pleas from their shelter of dogs who temp test well and would be good pets, but they likely won’t get adopted because, like MOIself, being a senior is not attractive to potential adopters.  People like purebreds and puppies.  Us old ones are usually overlooked because we take up space and eat much needed food.  Mumz had been having some really wonky dreams for a couple of weeks of her own deceased mom, whose name is Gladys.  So she looked at da picture of MOI in shelter jail and she said to herself, that looks like a “Gladys”.  She messaged da founder back (who is now called Santa Nichole) and said she would like to meet this dog. Dis was on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, 2011.  Da next night (Thanksgiving eve) Mumz and Santa Nichole met together at Animal Control.  Mumz was taken to a room where MOI was already at.  Santa Nichole said “Good news!  She’s heartworm negative and she’s already spayed!”  But mumz was already in lubz.  Nothing mattered.  She asked if MOI was cat tested because mumz had kitties at home.  So mumz took MOI down to a cat room at da shelter and MOI could not have cared less.  Another plus! 🙂  MOI was gonna get adopted!  Mumz explained to Santa Nichole dat she had to go away for Thanksgiving and could they come back together to get MOI on Friday.  So Santa Nichole told da shelter coordinator they would be back Black Friday morning.  But no!  It could not be dat way at all because, you see, it was to be meh last night at da shelter.  MOI was an old dog, taking up space, eating food, etc., and meh time was up.  MOI had been picked up off da streets of Indianapolis as a stray but everypawdy’s time comes up eventually.  And for seniors, it is usually sooner than later. Not da shelter’s fault – just a fact cuz they are overcrowded.  Mumz was upset.  She had to go out of town for Thanksgiving and she had no dog food or supplies, nothing!  If MOI didn’t leave dat night, MOI was going to be euthanized.  So Santa Nichole stepped up and she took MOI home wif her dat very night! 🙂  And then they met at da vet’s office first ting on Black Friday morning.  (all animals going into rescue get checked out thoroughly by a vet!).  So MOI was mumz’ Black Friday SPLURGE! 🙂  And MOI was given da name of Gladys Jane – after Mumz own mother.  And you know what?  Her wonky dreams of her mom STOPPED!  Isn’t dat some ting?  Wow – dat was a lot of talk already.  (feel free to edit as you see fit cuz MOI is a talker)  And to quote Santa Nichole, “this adoption story is so amazing, it sounds fake.”  BOL!
When MOI was taken to da rescue’s vet in Indianapolis (mumz lives in another city, Anderson – about an hour away), they told mumz dat MOI had a heart murmur and would be on meds for da rest of meh life.  They Tinked MOI was about 8 – 10 years old.  Dat age puts MOI in a category called “elderbull”.  Doesn’t dat sound neato?  It is a pit bull type dog dat is a senior!  Woo hoo! We gotz our own name!  So back to da vet and what they told mumz about MOI.   It seemed apparent dat MOI had been used as a breeding dog, making lots of little Gladys’.  MOI had a very saggy belly and really out of shape from living who-knows-what kind of life either on da streets or as a breeding dog.  Da logic of most seem to tink dat MOI was used for breeding a lot until no more useful.  But never figured out who/why/how MOI came to be already spayed.  A mystery.  Then mumz took MOI to another Mended Hearts volunteer who was also a dog groomer.  MOI got a SPA DAY!!! WOO HOOO!!!   It was pretty cool.  Got washed, buffed, nails trimmed, and smelled divine afterwards!  Then Mumz finally got to take MOI to meh new forever home.  It was a long drive, it seemed.  Mumz popped in a cd and started singing a song to MOI.  It was “You Are My Sunshine”.  It became OUR song in da car. 🙂  MOI lubbed car rides!! Woo hooo!  When we got to da house, MOI met meh four new siblings – all cats!  But it was okay.  Nothing scary about da kitties.  They didn’t seem to care about MOI either, as they had lived wif previous dogs at mumz’ house as well as a couple of foster dogs.  HOWEVER! —- MOI discovered a new delicacy previously unknown to MOI.  Breaded Cat Doodles!  Yep!  Lip smackin’ good tings, they are!  What are Breaded Cat Doodles, you ask?  Well, it’s da little tings you find in those boxes dat da kitties go into every so often.  BOL!!!  Mumz said none of dat stuff can be happening – not if MOI was gonna give her kisses!  So she put up a gate in front of dat room and it had a tiny cat door in it.  MOI could get meh head through it but not da rest of MOI.  No more breaded cat doodles for MOI. 🙁  Shucks!
Let’s get da rundown on meh fur sibs!  There are 4 kitties.  Patches is a tiny calico wif one eye.  Mumz rescued her when she was about 6 months old and already missing dat eye.  She is now 19 YEARS old!  We were couch buddies all da time!  Next is Coco Puff.  She is a very loving elegant kitty.  She is a pretty long-haired girl wif a bob tail dat is chocolate colored….hence da name, Coco Puff.  Get it?  BOL!   Coco Puff is also a rescue and mumz has had her 11 years but she was 4 when Mumz got her.  Mumz is also her 4th owner.  Coco is a sweetie and no idea why nobody saw dat in her before.  Da next 2 kitties are true litter mates.  They were kittens left in mumz yard by a feral kitty.  One is Fanta Cat.  She is a sweet and simple-minded girl who stares at da ceiling a lot.  BOL!  She just does dat!  But she’s a good kid.  And last, is meh arch nemesis – Marnie Mae!  ****eye roll***** Marnie Mae liked to pester MOI a lot.  Always rubbing against MOI or meowing in meh face….or, or …KISSING MOI!  Yes!  She did do dat!  And she tried to take meh spot on da couch too.  🙂  Fanta and Marnie are 8 years old.  We all got along fabulously as if we had always been together.  Never once was there a fuss or a hissy fit or any ting.  We all bonded as a true family – forever. <3
Meh favorite food?  Oh meh – you mean beside da Breaded Cat Doodles?  Okay – well, ALL FOOD!  But da vet said NO to dat !  MOI was overweight.  MOI got put on a diet from da very beginning.  Never got real treats either – always watching meh diet ****sigh***** It’s a hard life maintaining a voluptuous girly figure.  MOI did get some great treats like frozen green beans or carrots! YUM!!! ****Smacks lips***** Per da vet suggestions, MOI was fed a very good and very healthy diet dog food dat only one place in da whole town sold it.  🙂  But it worked because eventually MOI lost about 15 pounds!  Yep!  Started out at 67 pounds and got down to 52 and a nice trim 26″ waist   ( it had been 31″).  MOI is pretty proud of dat!  We also walked a lot.  Lubbed going to da parks and watching ducks and geese.  And it was good exercise.  Know what else happened when we started walking at da parks?  People looked at MOI and acted scared!  Isn’t dat ridiculous?  You see, MOI had cropped pit bull ears.  MOI came dat way from meh previous life.  Da ears and being called a “pit bull” seemed to scare people and they never even tried to get to know who MOI was as a doggie!  Such a travesty!  So mumz started putting cute stuff on MOI when we went out.  Little flowers on meh collars.  And it when it was cold, shirts or sweaters.  We started noticing stuff happening. When MOI was all dolled up, people came TO us!  Yes!  “Can we pet your doggie?” they would ask.  And of course, YES was always da answer.  MOI lubbed to be petted.  MOI lubbed kids!!!  MOI was always very very gentle wif everypawdy.  So it seems if you distract people from da harshness of meh cropped ears or da sterotypical pit bull image, they don’t tink scary stuff. They see a dog looking cute and approachable. 🙂
About a month after MOI was rescued, mumz took MOI to a vet because there was gunk in meh right eye.  Lots of gunk.  Ewwwwww.  Da vet said dat da cyst one meh eyelid (MOI had always considered it a beauty mark!) was irritating meh eye.  Da vet said easy fix.  She prescribed ointment stuffs.  She was much more concerned about some ting else.  She found a big lump in meh right side.  Mumz had not really noticed it but after da vet saw it, mumz couldn’t stop looking at it.  So when MOI went in January for da toothy cleaning set up during adoption, da surgical vet removed meh tumors.  Until they were out, mumz didn’t know much about them at all, but she learned.  Even though MOI was spayed, it must have been done late in meh life.  Did you know dat each year a dog goes wifout being spayed or neutered dat their chances of developing cancer increases higher and higher?  So even though MOI was already spayed when found on da streets, it was an apparent late-in-life spay and so MOI had developed breast cancer.  There was da one big lump on meh right side and a smaller one behind it.  Then there was a pea-size lump on meh left side.  To answer your question about being scared – not really.  Mumz and da vets marveled at MOI because nothin ever seemed to bother MOI.  It was major surgery, for sure.  But MOI was always good.  MOI never had to wear a cone or any ting! 🙂  Also got 6 teeth pulled and da cyst ting (meh beauty mark) removed.  It was a long long day.  MOI got kinda preachy to people on facebooky about spay/neutering.  It’s not only to prevent homeless animals and animals dying in shelters and on da streets, it’s also about reducing risks for cancer!  And MOI has had 2 doggie friends die from breast cancer.  MOI is a lucky one.  Da vet said it likely would come back in a few years, either in meh mammaries again – or it could be elsewhere.  MOI was very fortunate.  Da fantastic vet, Dr. Young, got all meh cancer cells removed and no other treatment was needed! 🙂
MOI and mumz, as well as Mended Hearts Rescue, like to point out dat adopted a senior pet is a wonderful ting in so many ways.  You will get a pet, who would likely never make it out of da shelter, so you are saving a life.  You will get a pet who is less energetic and dat is great if you are like mumz who is also less energetic (did MOI just say dat out loud? BOL!).  You will get a pet who is very likely already potty trained.  You will get a pet who probably has some basic manners, at da very least.  You will get a pet who is craving lubz.  Us seniors truly just want to be lubbed.  MOI knows dat people hesitate about adopting seniors for various reasons.   People are drawn to puppies and kittens.  Dat is fine if you are willing to put in da effort to train them, in manners and housebreaking.  Also, they may not have established their total personality yet.  You know ….ahem…..MOI came just full of personality, if MOI says so MOIself!  ****grins broadly******  One reason people are not sure about adopting a senior is dat they fear losing them too quickly.  Do you know what MOI is trying to say?  It means, they are afraid to fall in lubz wif a senior and then they don’t live a long time.  But isn’t it worth da risk of giving your heart away?  Oh yes. MOI always says yes to dat!   MOI only got to live wif mumz 5 days short of 2 years.  Dat is not a long time.  BUT, she would not trade it for any ting.  We bonded.  Yes, she wishes MOI could have been on earth a lot lot longer and dat thought will never leave her. BUT (again wif meh big buts), she gave MOI a wonderful almost-2 years.  She saved meh life.  And, btw, when MOI got pulled from da shelter, do you know dat means TWO lives were saved?  It’s a hard concept but here is how it goes.  MOI was obviously saved, right?  But also, when MOI left da shelter, a spot opened for another dog to be put out on da adoption floor.  It’s a win-win!  So if you are not afraid to open your heart to lubz – if even for a short time like mumz did – you will be giving and receiving much much lubz,  Mumz will say it was worth it every time you ask her.  Mumz has asked dat question to others who have adopted seniors…and many of those seniors have already gone to be angels too……every single person has answered dat they have no regrets and only happy memories. <3
While we are talking about seniors, MOI had a facebooky campaign to help get da message out to adopt a senior.  Shirts were sold wif meh image on them and advocating for da adoption of seniors.  For each shirt sold, $10 was donated to meh rescue, Mended Hearts.  Mumz got a special pink one!  Because you know, dat was meh signature color.  Pink for breast cancer awareness!  Meh tanks to Sammie the Pit Bull on facebooky who provided da opportunity of selling shirts.  And we gonna do it again in November.   Why November?  Because it is da official “Adopt a Senior” month, dat’s why!  🙂
MOI still has meh facebooky page.  It used to be a goofy fun page.  Meh favorite tings to do on facebooky besides interacting wif meh many friends and furiends was visit a page called The Pork Palace.  It’s a neato spot.  It is where pets go on facebooky to fellowship, hang-out, pawrty, have weddings, hold prayer vigils, check in after hurricanes or tornadoes….you get da idea?  Well, it is a lot of fun there!  On Tuesdays it is Trivia Night.  They ask questions and it’s a race to see who can come up wif da answers – hoomans and pets!  And you win prizes too.  Real ones!  Most of da time, people donate them to a facebooky auction dat is happening to raise funds for someone’s vetting.  On Wednesdays it is Comedy Night.  It’s like Open Mic Night at a real comedy club.  It is so fun! But you wanna know meh all time favorite ting at The Pork Palace?  KARAOKE NIGHT!!!!   WOO HOO!!!   On Thursdays, we do “Croakee”. 😀  Oh you can browse meh pictures but MOI will post from meh very first time.  MOI sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  See, what we do is post a picture of ourselves wif da link to da real youtube.  You cannot believe da fun!  You should come some time!
MOI took a lot of pleasure attending events related to Mended Hearts Rescue, Mutt Strut for Indy Humane, or just any ting where a dog is allowed to go.  And MOI always dressed for da occasion, you can be sure!
So, to add to meh story, is meh ending.  MOI first established a facebooky page to hope to accomplish a few tings, and one was to fight BSL.  Dat is Breed Specific Legislation.  Pit bull type dogs, as well as many as dozens of breeds are prone to da BSL.  Da last Saturday in October is National Pit Bull Awareness Day.  Last year it was meh last event.   On November 1, 2013, mumz took MOI to da vet because MOI was not looking good and started to have a swelling in meh belly.  Da vet listened and looked and well, it was meh bad heart going really bad.  MOI was diagnosed wif right side congestive heart failure.  Mumz was stunned.  She knew about da murmur and MOI took meh pills every single day.  What was dis all about?  Da vet got down and told mumz dat it was very serious and MOI was very very sick. Dis was a Friday and they didn’t expect MOI to be around Monday.  True.  Meh right heart valve was not closing all da way and dat made meh body retain fluids in meh belly.  They trained 300 milileters dat day.  Da vet said if MOI had been able to stand longer (it was so exhausting) dat they could have drained more.  But MOI was tired.  They shaved a spot on meh back and told mumz to measure around meh belly twice a day to see if it was expanding.  Careful attention had to be paid to dat because it would indicate more fluid retention.  And dat would make MOI very uncomfortable.  MOI was given a bunch of medications like lasix (which made MOI have to go potty constantly!) and 2 other meds, all to work in conjunction wif meh murmur medication.  All of them were to to help meh heart work more easily.  But, you know, an old dog can have a few tricks left in her.  Come Monday, MOI was still around.  Yep!  Mumz slept on da floor beside MOI all da time at night so she could hear if MOI needed to go potty.  Da alarm was set to dispense meds on da button, even through da night.  Mumz took MOI for a car ride every day.  Some times it was just a short drive to get out.  Other times, we went to da local fast food place for a burger.  Dat diet was now gone! 🙂  It didn’t matter now.  All dat mattered was enjoying every day, every minute.  We were blessed wif a very mild November last year.  So we went to parks a lot.  Sunshine was invigorating!  Da sunshine was like magic!  MOI tired very easily, of course, but meh appetite never slowed.  Da treats and yogurt to hide all meh meds, along wif dat occasional burger or fries from da fast food joint were always enjoyed.  Da vet said meh appetite would diminish, but it never did.  We did have to go do da vet very frequently.  There were only 2 more times when they could drain more fluid because it was risky.  In between times, they would do direct IV injections of lasix to speed up getting da fluid out of meh body.  But MOI was never scared to go to da vets all those times.  It was another ride in da car!  Another chance to sing ” You are My Sunshine”!   And dressing up!  Oh yes!  MOI always lubbed to dress up so mumz would dress MOI up to go to da vet’s!  Da ladies would come out and take meh picture!   Da vets and techs and ladies were always so nice.  Da vet posed for pictures one time.  She told Mumz dat MOI was always so stoic, in spite of being jabbed wif repeated needle pricks to drain fluids or getting lasix injections, she said MOI was always stoic….very brave.  MOI was a good girl always.   Pleeze know dat meh condition was very serious.  Da vet always checked to be sure dat MOI was not in pain or suffering in any way.  Mumz had promised to be sure MOI never suffered. <3  But on da day dat was like meh best day after diagnosis….a bright and sunny day…..MOI got very sick and it happened very fast.  MOI bloated.  It was a complication of meh CHF.  It just happened.  Mumz knew about bloat and so she got MOI in da car and to da vet very fast.  MOI was so sick all da way there.  Dis time MOI was scared.  MOI didn’t want mumz to talk to her or to even look at MOI.  MOI paced and paced and was scared.  Da head vet came right away and he told mumz it was time and no time could be spared because MOI was truly suffering.  MOI and mumz had to say goodbye and tell each other we lubbed each other til da end of time.  Then MOI made meh journey to da Rainbow Bridge and became Angel MOI.
Angel MOI still goes on facebooky.  Angel MOI likes to pray for other pets who are sick.  Angel MOI likes to tell people God bless every time MOI is on.  MOI doesn’t have much to post about so it is about helping others who have come to da Rainbow Bridge. People ask if Angel MOI has seen their baby here.  Yes!  Angel MOI has seen their own angel….and will give them da report of how their angel is doing.  Angel MOI tries to comfort others always.
Angel MOI sends you lubz and peace be wif you always.  MUAH (not to be confused wif MOI…tee hee)  xoxoxoox
Is there anything you or your momma would like to add?
This is the secretary. :)I wanted to add that on facebook, the pet community does work together holding auctions to benefit pets needing vetting or their families having a financial crisis, etc.  Gladys’ pictures have brought as much as $400.  Amazing, huh?  If feels good that she can help others even after going to the Bridge…..because that huge bid came in an auction just last month.

Also, about Mended Hearts Rescue.  They are an all breed rescue and specialize in animals that are seniors or have special needs…..some sort of TLC.  They have always had a special program about compassion rescues.  These are dogs/cats at the shelter that will never ever be adopted because they are seniors and have a health issue that would prevent them being adopted.  They are primarily owner surrendered pets and usually arrive at the shelter with an order to euthanize.  People cannot bring themselves to do that last act of love.  They don’t realize that the shelter is a scary place, particularly for a pet that has lived its entire life in a love-filled home.  So Mended Hearts will step up, pull them from the shelter and place them in permanent foster care where they will be spoiled, all medical needs addressed and never alone when that final time comes.  What they have also come to realize that while they have pulled these dogs that are literally on death’s door, when they get in a home and are loved and their medical needs being addressed, they begin to thrive again.  An example is a St. Bernard adopted with no will to live and given very little time.  He went into this program expecting to live a few months.  He lived 18 long beautiful months with every day filled with love.  Because Gladys was something of an ambassadog for this rescue in many ways – she was a senior, medical issues, and a pit bull too – she went to events to show that people CAN adopt these pets and have good lives.  So after she passed, they gave the program a name and it is called The Friends of Gladys Memorial Fund.  There are several dogs and cats in the program.  They are loved and spoiled every day for as long as it is medically sound.  But by giving this program a name, people are becoming more aware of what the rescue can do – and what they can do either here or in their own communities.  It is now also possible, with a link I’m providing to you, for them to donate directly and specifically to this fund and help MHR help more of these pets.  This is the link :  http://indy.mendedheartsrescue.org/ Mended Hearts Rescue is a 501c3 charitable organization so all donations are tax deductible!



This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Miss Gladys the Elderbull who is now a glorious angelbull.

Miss Gladys, just as beautiful as an angelbull as she was an elderbull



Author’s Note: Merci to Miss Gladys for taking the time to answer all the questions and her mumz for getting everything written down for her. I can only hope that reading this interview has helped others realize that adopting an elderly pet gives them another chance at life & love.  Pictures were used with permission. You can visit her on her angel facebook page – Gladys, Glorious Angelbull
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  1. Of course Shermie and I have adored Gladys since the day we met on Facebook. Who wouldn’t adore this girl??!! However angelgirl, reading your beautiful interview (c’est bon mademoiselle!) definitely caused the eyes to wet up! You are Pawsum!! J’adore vous et merci beaucoup mon cheri!

  2. Thank you to Gladys the glorious Angelbull for a lovely interview. You are a very good reminder to remember to look at the inside and not just the outside.

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