Extra Love Needed: Meet Fiona McSnuggles

What Miss Fiona is thankful

How old are you?

I will be eight years old on New Year’s Eve.

Where did your name come from?

When I was found as a stray, I had huge bulging eyes so the shelter workers named me Fiona. Mom thought it was because I was a Princess but they said I looked like the ogre Fiona-not the Princess Fiona when they found me. I needed a last name for Facebook so we tried to find a name that sounded good with Fiona and since I love to snuggle so much, Fiona McSnuggles it was!

May I ask if you were born without eyes or had to have them removed?

My eyes were removed about four years ago. They believe I probably had dry eye that progressed to glaucoma but by the time they removed them, they were cancerous.
Miss Fiona McSnuggles

Did it take a while to find a forever home?

I was at the shelter for a year and a half before being adopted. Some of that time was because they were told that I had terminal cancer and was going to die. Shelby County shelter is No Kill so I went home with a worker to live out my days. I really tricked them though because I kept getting better so that’s when they spayed me and removed my eyes. When I was adopted, they still believed I had cancer but my new vet said I was perfectly fine-just some old scar tissue in my chest-no cancer.

Did your humans have to make any adjustments to the house when you first arrived?

When I came home, my owners used scented oils to mark the important places. Fresh rain was by the door to the outside, vanilla by my food bowl and lavendar by the bed. They also used words for everything including each room in the house. I have a pretty large vocabulary now.They also have to be careful to close the crate doors so I don’t bump into them and to not move furniture around or leave items on the floor where I can run into them.
Miss Fiona McSnuggles' Certificate as a therapy pet

Did it take long to learn to walk on a leash?

Walking on a leash wasn’t too hard. Mom wore jingle bells so I could follow her. Usually I walk just fine only a little slower than the other dogs. If the wind is blowing or we are somewhere with many smells/sounds it makes it more difficult to follow them so I usually get carried or ride in the stroller to make it easier on me.

Do you have a backyard you can play in?

We do have a small backyard but I’m not a fan of being outside. We also live by a huge park and we go walking over there. Since there are so many of us and our fosters, we go in groups based on our ability to hike. I end up with the oldest dogs since I walk slower.
She's a proud therapy pet

What toys do you like to play with?

I’m not a big fan of toys. Sometimes I’ll play with a squeaky toy or a chew bone but mostly I like to be held and snuggled. It makes me feel safe and secure and it’s what I do best.

Where do you like to sleep?

I sleep in the big bed usually snuggled up against someone. I really can sleep anywhere though. If I get tired when we’re out, I just lay back and go to sleep. People think it’s funny but it’s just because I get tired quickly from using my other senses so much.
Miss Fiona even decorates for the Holidays

What would you like to say to people who are afraid to adopt a blind dog?

If people were concerned about adopting a blind pet, I would say to them-Don’t be. Animals do not use their eyes like humans do. Our other sense are so much sharper and we rely on them way more than sight anyway. I can do anything that other sighted dogs can do. It just requires a little more effort for my owners. They have to remember that anything I hear, I think is happening right in front of me. Dad often forgets when he’s watching TV and there are animals snarling or war movies. I start to freak out and shake and then he remembers to turn it down. I am known as Fiona the Fearless since I love to climb up and on everything. I can’t be left in an Xpen because i will climb out without knowing how high it is. It’s really not hard to have a special needs pet, it just requires a little more effort but you will receive a lot more love.
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Miss Fiona even made an appearance at the Super Bowl


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Fiona and her mom for answering the questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Miss Fiona McSnuggles on her facebook page, and twitter and please visit Rescue Tails from the Weiner Palace


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